Betancourt Bullnox (B-NOX) Androrush Supplement

B-NOX Androrush (Bullnox) by Betancourt Review

In this Betancourt Bullnox Androrush review, we’re going to talk about one of the strongest pre-workout supplements on the planet.

You will learn exactly why this supplement packs such a powerful punch and why beginners and even intermediate level gym-goers should stay far away from it.

This product is effectively one big proprietary blend that includes a large number of different ingredients without disclosing any of their quantities. This is a huge no-no in the workout supplement industry and generally severely frowned upon.

That said, the fact that this pre-training enhancer provides crazy strong, real and very palpable results and is produced by an immensely trusted and respected manufacturer is a pretty solid reason to let the blunder slide.

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B-NOX Androrush (Bullnox) by Betancourt- Overview

Betancourt Bullnox (B-NOX) Androrush is a larger serving performance-based supplement.

It’s the first pre-workout to offer a testosterone booster matrix that provides its users with enhanced aggression and pumps during training.

This product claims to give consumers a sustained rush of energy with less chance of jitters, as well as increased muscle endurance and growth.

We’re going to look into the ingredients and see if these claims are realistic and achievable.

You can take this product alongside best mass gainers, the best BCAA products, the best test boosters, and also the best creatine for men supplements. These will all work in great synergy to get you to your exercise goals faster, whether they’re to bulk up, or cut and become lean.

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Full Ingredient List Analysis:

Bullnox B-NOX by Betancourt Supplement Full Ingredient List

The most noticeable part of this ingredients list is, quite obviously, the huge proprietary blend that obscures every single ingredient except Magnesium, Zinc, and Potassium.

Incidentally, potassium is only present at 20mg, a dose that’s less than 1% of the daily recommended value and thus utterly insignificant and present purely as “Label-Dressing”. There are absolutely no benefits that it can provide in such a quantity, even if you are deficient.

So let’s get on with the list, moving those 3 minerals aside:

When taking B-NOX Bullnox pre-workout, you’ll notice that the Pre-Workout formula is at 15,602mg. It shows that the manufacturer at the very least doesn’t skimp at all on the quantity.

That said, we’re almost sure that there may be a “Label-Dressing” or two in the mix.

Strength-Endurance – The inclusion of three different types of Creatine is particularly impressive and especially useful when coupled with glucose polymers.

Taurine and Beta-Alanine work together to improve muscle function and growth.

Coenzyme-Q10 is found in every cell in the body and is used to produce the energy that your body needs for cell maintenance and growth.

Neural Energy – It contains various stimulants and nootropics that improve focus, energy and mental function, as well as increase metabolism. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Nitric Oxide – The thing that stands out the most is Beet Root (Beta Vulgaris) Extract.

This extract contains just 1% – 1.5% of naturally occurring nitrates per 1000mg of raw material, and that’s if the materials are of highest quality – which means that you’d have to include 10-20+ grams to get an effective dose.

It’s clearly here just for “Label-Dressing”, and the manufacturer has sadly jumped on the band-wagon of including this over-hyped and ineffective ingredient in their Betancourt Bullnox B-NOX Androrush product.

Otherwise, the addition of L-Histidine HCL is great, since its main function is to produce various enzymes and histamine, to regulate the immune system. It also supports vasodilation as well as increases sexual arousal and even orgasmic function in people.

Creatine AKG is also an excellent ingredient – we just don’t know how much is included here because this form of Creatine is IMMENSELY expensive.

Incidentally, if you want to learn more about Creatine, read our full information Guide at Creatine Supplements Guide: Advice, Side Effects, Benefits.

Finally, Theobromine is a bitter alkaloid found in cacao leaves and is used as a slight stimulant and vasodilator.

Anabolic Solidification – The simple combination of Glutamine with BCAAs promotes muscle growth, recovery, and repair.

Endocrine Ignition – This is where things get interesting. All of the ingredients are natural testosterone boosters, and we wonder how much ZMA is included since the supplement already contains 20mg (133% of Daily Value) of Zinc outside of the proprietary blend.

The counter-indication here, as stated in our Multivitamin Guide: Info, Benefits and Side Effects is that too much Zinc can significantly hamper the absorption of BCAAs by your body.

Other than that, all of the natural t-booster ingredients contained in this mix are proved to be effective at safely increasing the production of testosterone by your body.

Pre-Launch It contains BioPerine, which is a black pepper extract that significantly improves the absorption of many different nutrients by your body. A great addition to the supplement and mostly used at 5-15mg.


Finally, even though many Bullnox and B-Nox reviews don’t put too much emphasis on this being a proprietary blend – we still do!

We do not like them and never will because we want to make sure we know exactly what and how much of something we’re putting into our bodies.

Health and safety are of utmost importance to us – which simply cannot be 100% guaranteed when an obfuscated blend is involved.

It also makes it extremely difficult to judge the potential side effects of Bullnox Androrush, which many reviews seem to forget. That’s because many people have certain sensitivities to different ingredients and need to know whether they can safely consume particular products or not, based on the quantity.

Pre-Workout Features: The PROs and CONs of the Supplement

Bullnox-BNOX Androrush by Betancourt Supplement Container

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at all of the ingredients, let’s see what the main points of this pre-exercise supplement are:


  • Huge dose
  • All-around supplement
  • Insane Energy, Focus, Pump, and Strength
  • Testosterone Complex
  • Zero Sugar
  • Reliable and Consistent
  • Three types of Creatine

A large number of Bullnox Androrush pre-workout reviews have consistently rated this supplement as being among the very best, for several years.

We agree with them, but only up to a certain point. We’ll explain exactly why in the cons!

But the fact stays, that the massive and functional energy boost that this product provides lasts well over 2 hours, so professional athletes praise this sports powder quite highly.

The Testosterone blend certainly adds a whole extra layer of aggressiveness and power to your exercise sessions – there’s no doubt about that.

The 18.1-gram scoop shows that the manufacturer does not skimp on the most important ingredients, even though there are a couple inclusions simply for “Label-Dressing”


  • Highly Intimidating
  • Certainly not for beginners
  • Expensive
  • Contains a Proprietary Blend!
  • Reports of Mild side effects

It’s true – this product is incredibly intimidating for beginners and even intermediate level gym-goers.

When you put together everything that this product offers – it will completely overwhelm them, and they won’t be able to use it effectively.

The price is also quite high – but definitely worth it if you want what this pre-workout supplement has to offer.

A decent number of B-Nox (Bullnox) reviews have also reported experiencing mild side effects like bloated stomach, cramps, indigestion, jitters, lightheadedness, headaches and feelings of uneasiness.

This is completely unsurprising since they don’t know how much of everything they’re getting with a proprietary blend.

Our Evaluation of Betancourt Bullnox (B-NOX) Androrush Supplement

Ingredient Safety:74%

Product Efficacy:99%

Value For Money:94%


This product is an absolute beast – a complete monster! If you’re not ready for it – it will completely blow your mind with its effectiveness.

We ONLY recommend taking Bullnox (B-NOX) pre-workout to very serious bodybuilders or professional athletes who know what they’re doing and what they’re getting into.

The fact that the massive surge of focus, energy, and power will last longer than two hours, is nothing to scoff at!

That’s because of the fact that most sensible workouts by non-professionals last way shorter than two hours. People will generally not know what to do with the rest of the time and feel frustrated and stressed out.

Our experience with this product has been invigorating, to say the least, and we can highly recommend it for professional bodybuilders and athletes who want something that will push their workouts to the next level.

We can forgive the proprietary blends and the label-dressings because it definitely delivers on what it promises plus much more – it’s one of the most intense experiences that’s also reliable and consistent.

Betancourt has certainly earned its respect and admiration.


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So there you have it, a proprietary blend product that we like.

Please use caution if you’re planning to use it and know what you’re getting into before consuming it.

It is not made for everyone, and we urge you to rethink your options if you’re not someone who wants the strongest possible energy boost that lasts way more than necessary for casual gym-goers.

You have been warned!

As usual, we’d love to hear your thoughts about this supplement and the other available alternatives down in the comments below! Let’s discuss its pros and cons!

Stay Strong and Work Hard!