Fit Miss Ignite Pre-Workout Supplement for Women

Fit Miss Ignite Women’s Pre-Workout Review

This FitMiss Ignite review, like our other reviews, will focus on finding out whether this supplement is worth your time and hard-earned money, or whether it’s something that you should stay away from and choose something else.

This pre-workout powder that comes in packets is made by MusclePharm, one of the giants in the sports supplement industry – so it has to live up to certain expectations when it comes to quality, effectiveness and value for money.

The fact that it contains a proprietary blend which hides all of the important ingredients is quite uncharacteristic of MusclePharm – a supplement powerhouse that knows the negative consequences of including such an obscuring blend.

We’re not sure what they were thinking, but we hope they didn’t assume that women don’t understand workout ingredient components and wouldn’t bother researching them.

We’ll analyze the ingredients and see if we can make sense of this proprietary blend.

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Overview of FitMiss Ignite Pre-Workout

FitMiss Ignite Pre-Workout Supplement is and energy booster designed for weight loss and convenience.

It claims to provide increased workout motivation and energy, as well as ignite fat loss and build a lean physique.

We’re going to look into these claims and see if they hold any truth or promise something they can’t deliver on.

The manufacturer, MusclePharm, is known for quite a few excellent products and has the respect, trust, and admiration of quite a significant number of customers.

Let’s see if this product deserves to be in the line-up, too!

Analysis of Ingredient List

FitMiss Ignite Pre-Workout Supplement for women full ingredient list

Quite obviously, the thing that instantly stands out is the Proprietary FitMiss Igniter Blend, which obscures absolutely all of the important ingredients, leaving us with exact quantities of only three things – Vitamin B6, Calcium, and Magnesium Oxide.

Vitamin B6 and Magnesium Oxide are great and useful, but the inclusion of an insignificant dose of Calcium is quite strange. At that dose, it’s nothing more than label-dressing and won’t provide any palpable results at all.

Proprietary Blend Analysis

The whole blend is just under 6 grams, at 5990 mg. This fact alone is enough to say that the supplement doesn’t offer some ingredients at clinically proven and effective doses that matter. Some elements are going to be under-dosed, judging from everything contained and the available quantity.

Let’s start the list of FitMiss Ignite Ingredients with Beta-Alanine – the main focus of this supplement.

This ingredient significantly improves performance, provides better endurance as well as increases lean muscle growth.

The gold-standard dose for it to be an effective performance booster for men is 3.2-6.4 grams per day.

Women require around 25% less since their body and muscle mass tends to be lower – which is still around 2.4-4.8 grams. If we take the lowest dose, we’re left with around 3.6 grams for all the other ingredients.

Choline Bitartrate – It is a nootropic that provides both physical and mental benefits. It promotes healthy breast tissue in women, increases cardiovascular efficiency, strengthens cell membranes and removes fatty build-up in the liver. It also increases focus and alertness, controls mood swings and improves the general cognitive function of the brain, including memory.

The general recommended dosage for women is around 650 – 2.5 grams per day, with benefits being the most effective at around 1 gram.

This leaves 2.6 grams for the rest of the ingredients.

L-Tyrosine – It’s an amino acid used primarily to enhance focus and alertness. The effective dosage is around 500 – 2000 mg per day.

Again, we’re being generous and taking the lowest dose, leaving 2.1 grams for the rest.

L-Glycine – This amino acid plays a key role in a vast number of different body functions, most notably improving cognitive brain function, blood flow, and mood.

The lowest active dose is around 1-3 grams per day. This leaves 1.1 grams for the rest.

Taurine – Another amino acid that plays a role in many different body functions and is needed to be used along with Beta-Alanine, as the latter depletes it.

This one needs to sit at around 500 mg to have an effect, which leaves just 600mg left for the rest.

L-Carnitine – It’s responsible for the transport of fats in your body into the energy-producing centers of cells called mitochondria. It other words, it helps your body convert fat to energy – which is great for fat-loss.

The effective dosage is 500-2000 mg, so taking just 500 mg we’re left with 100 mg for the rest, and getting a suboptimal effect in the process.

Beet Root Extract – This primarily improves blood flow and has some other benefits not relevant to this review.

It’s a fad ingredient that people primarily want to use for its nitrate content. However, a 150 lbs (68 kg) person would need around 450mg of it. Sounds achievable? Not really, since the nitrate content in beetroot is around 1-1.5% of weight, which means that you’d need around 500 grams to be able to get an effective dose!

We’re sorry to say, but this ingredient is a complete and utter scam when it comes to bodybuilding.

We have no idea how much is included in this supplement, and we know for a fact that any dose will be utterly ineffective and insignificant.

Hawthorne Berry Powder – It lowers blood pressure, improves blood flow to the heart, widens blood vessels and increases the transmission of nerve signals.

The effective dose is 160 – 1800 mg, 2-3 times per day.

We have no idea what dosage is used, but safe to say it’s under-dosed for any and all purposes unless some of the other main ingredients have been skimped on.

Agmatine Sulfate – It improves energy levels and regulates mood – for example helping against anxiety. It’s also known to relieve pain, in certain cases.

The effective and clinically tested dose is 2670mg per day, which means that it’s severely under-dosed in this ingredient.

Advantra Z – Now this is the ingredient we have the biggest problem with. It provides a fat-burning effect and is a variation of bitter orange extract that’s close to ephedrine in effect and structure.

This substance has been BANNED because it has a high risk of causing several side-effects, some of which are severe.

There’s no way to know how much is included in this supplement so it’s impossible to effectively judge the severity and potential frequency of possible side effects that FitMiss Ignite product might induce as a result.

Again, it’s highly uncharacteristic of MusclePharm to include a downright dangerous ingredient in their pre-workout supplement for women.

We hope other FitMiss Ignite review articles also mention this crucial detail so that the manufacturer feels pressure and removes this harmful substance.

Caffeine Anhydrous – This is the de-watered version of caffeine. It’s a faster absorbed and more effective variant of this popular stimulant, and we assume that this product contains around 100-250 mg of it.

We have absolutely no idea why the manufacturer would want to hide caffeine content because a substantial number of people still judge whether they want to buy and use a supplement on the content of this particular stimulant.

There is absolutely no good reason to obscure this ingredient, and we can’t believe someone still does it in 2017. People sensitive to caffeine should completely avoid this pre-workout powder as a result!

Huperzine A %1 – This substance increases acetylcholine levels in the brain, providing several benefits like augmenting information retention and memory formation, boosting your concentration, mental clarity as well as ability to process and calculate data.

It’s a great nootropic compound which is effective at very small doses of around 50-200 mcg daily.

This means that this ingredient is definitely included at an effective quantity.

FitMiss Ignite Supplement Features – The PROs and CONs

FitMiss Ignite Pre-Workout Supplement for Women Container

Now that we’ve fully analyzed all of the ingredients – let’s take a look at the facts of this supplement and see what the upsides and the downsides of this product are:


  • Extremely convenient on-the-go packets
  • A few natural ingredients
  • Creatine-Free alternative
  • Phenomenal Focus and Improved Mood

The biggest upside is the convenience of this supplement. It’s easy to carry around with you anywhere as you don’t have to carry the whole container around with you – you can just take a packet or two and a bottle or shaker of water – and you’re good to go!

It’s also a Creatine-free alternative, for people who want a pre-workout supplement that doesn’t include or rely on it.

The most significant benefit that FitMiss Ignite Pre-Workout Supplement provides is its nootropic effect. It greatly improves focus and mood! This is where the product truly shines!


  • The Taste
  • Not as Strong as Competition.
  • High Chance of Side Effects
  • Weak Energy Boost
  • Some under-dosed ingredients
  • Contains Sucralose and Acesulfame-K

Most user reviews state that the taste is atrocious and completely overpowering. Sports nutrition shakes and powders need to go down easy – and this one most certainly doesn’t!

The energy boost that this pre-workout powder for women provides is mild and by no means strong and powerful when compared to other supplements.

Some dieters even said that they felt no effect at all!

Our Evaluation of The Product

We do not like this supplement. While it does provide a substantial and impressive nootropic effect, improving cognitive brain function, mood and focus – it fails at everything else.

The proprietary blend is just too small to contain everything it needs at effective and clinically proven doses that provide real, palpable and reliable results.

With so much competition vying for people’s cold hard cash – there are just too many better alternatives on the market and we can only recommend this product to beginners and those who absolutely need to have the convenience that the packaging provides.

But if you’re more serious about your training and your results, we recommend trying other products, for example Transparent Labs PreSeries BULK, which contains a much more comprehensive ingredient profile at much larger doses that are proven to be clinically effective and incredibly beneficial. It’s also 100% transparent, showing exactly everything that you’re getting and contains no harmful or unnecessary ingredients.


We think this FitMiss Ignite Women’s Pre-Workout is sub-standard and sub-par.

While it does provide a great nootropic effect with a decent energy boost and helps you build lean muscle mass – it has too many downsides and contains a harmful substance.

In this day and age where anyone can quickly find information about all of the ingredients – it’s inexcusable to include something dangerous in a product. People are going to figure it out and steer clear of it!

All of that said, it IS the most convenient product on the market, due to its style of small, on-the-go packages and does provide an impressive amount of nootropic benefits. We’ll give it that, and recommend it for people who value convenience and focus above everything else.

So what do you think about FitMiss Ignite as a pre-training enhancer? Have you had any experience with it or would like to try it out? Please write your ideas and thoughts down in the comment section below and let’s discuss this dietary additive.