Gat Nitraflex pre-workout product

GAT Nitraflex Pre-Workout Review

In this Gat Nitraflex review, we’re going to talk about this pre-workout supplement and see if it’s really worth your time and hard-earned money.

Its ingredient list reads like a science equation and is utterly incomprehensible to most people without an encyclopedia, but we’re going to sift through every single one and see what benefits they bring to the table.

This supplement contains some proprietary blends, but despite that, it has received quite a few exceptionally glowing reviews from a significant number of customers.

We’re going to find out exactly what makes it special and see if it really does deserve all the praise that it’s getting.

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Overview of Gat Nitraflex Pre-Workout

Gat Nitraflex pre-workout supplement is made by German American Technologies, a company that puts a lot of emphasis on scientifically backed, pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

They have existed over a decade and are widely known and respected as a premium hardcore supplement brand that has made many superior products.

Nitraflex by Gat claims to provide you with powerful energy, improve your strength, provide massive muscle pumps and boost your testosterone as well as general performance.

We’re going to look closely into these claims and see if they hold true.

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Now, let’s get on with the analysis!

Full Ingredient List Analysis

Gat Nitraflex Ingredient List

The ingredient list is incredibly complicated and will make almost anyone’s head spin. It’s practically indecipherable if you’re a regular user who just wants to know what you’re going to consume.

The fact that everything’s hidden behind proprietary blends, all combined into a comically named “Proprieceutical” blend, doesn’t help much.

This supplement contains 14 active ingredients. We know that Citrulline is at 3000mg, Beta-Alanine is at 1500mg, Arginine at 1500mg as well as 25mg of Niacin and 325mg of Caffeine.

Everything else is hidden, but since the 5 ingredients we just listed make up a total of 6350mg – it means there’s only 890mg left to be split among the remaining 8 ingredients.

Let’s take a look if that is even remotely enough to have any sort of practical and reliable effect!

We’re going to skip the scientifically accurate IUPAC definitions of the ingredients that resemble hieroglyphics and instead use the ones that are more understandable for all of our readers.

The first proprietary blend, for vasodilation and nitric oxide effect:

Citrulline and Citrulline Malate – They are the best pump products on the market, bar none!

But check this out – this product contains BOTH Citrulline and Citrulline Malate, which is pretty strange since Citrulline Malate is clearly the superior version. It contains malic acid, and their combination is proven to give substantial energy production increases.

Several studies show that taking both Citrulline and Matale (a form of malic acid) at the same time gives a significant boost in vasodilation, energy production, and endurance, which is undoubtedly better than just using Citrulline.

Finally, it’s an established fact that a gold standard dose for the average male is 6 grams of Citrulline Malate per day with anything less than 4 grams being almost ineffective for bodybuilders and athletes who weight a lot.

This clearly shows that at 3 grams, the ingredient is presented in this supplement at a much less than effective dose.

L-Arginine Malate – It has a large number of benefits. Most notably it’s used to enhance your body’s energy, strength and muscle building. It can also help boost your immune system and improve the release of growth hormones.

It also increases your blood flow, which means it’s another pump ingredient.

L-Arginine AKG – Same as the Arginine above that comes combined with malic acid, this one comes combined with Alpha-Ketoglutarate – which is one of the most important nitrogen transporters. It’s also a compound that breaks down various amino acids and sugars.

Resveratrol – A polyphenol which slightly enhances endurance, maintains cardiovascular health, protects against cancer, boosts testosterone and increases blood flow to the brain.

The notable part is that for it to be effective, the gold standard dose is 22.4 mg per kilogram of body weight. So a person weighing 85 kg (187 lbs) would have to take around 1900mg dose. (Even WebMD specifies at least 2000mg per day for a person)

There’s no way this polyphenol is included in a dose anywhere near close to that. Since after you take all the 5 ingredients, we mentioned that there only remained 890 mg left to distribute between the other 8.

So this ingredient is, unfortunately, severely under-dosed to the point of being insignificant and just a “Label-Dressing”.

Pterostilbene – It’s a cousin to Resveratrol and is a very potent antioxidant.

This substance shows favorable results starting from 10mg.

One proprietary blend down, one to go. This one is for energy, endurance, and focus:

Beta-Alanine (as CarnoSyn) – It promotes fat loss, leads to greater gains in strength and power as well as muscle gains in general. It also delays the onset of neuromuscular fatigue. Incidentally, it’s the ingredient that causes the tingling effect that you feel after consuming any pre-workout supplement that includes this awesome ingredient.

Caffeine – Well, it’s just caffeine, nothing special here. Although we do have to mention that this supplement claims it provides powerful energy due to the 325mg of caffeine that’s present.

We’re not ones to nitpick and call out faulty advertising, but caffeine does not actually give you energy by itself. It stimulates the central nervous system, makes you more focused and alert and improves your metabolism, but does not provide or create energy on its own.

DMAE – It’s a mental health compound that improves brain function. It’s known to cause Headaches, Nausea, Insomnia, Muscle Tension and Dizziness in people who are sensitive to it.

According to doctors, the recommended dosage ranges from 100mg to 300mg for it to be effective. We don’t know how much of it is contained in Gat Nitraflex pre-workout supplement, but it’s quite safe to assume at least 100mg is present.

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine – This is the most bioavailable form of L-Tyrosine and is absorbed the fastest. L-Tyrosine is counted among the most critical amino acids because of its involvement in a huge number of critical bodily functions like the synthesis of structural proteins and conveying various signals throughout the body.

Most studies show that the true benefits are gained at 250-500 mg, so we don’t know if it’s included in an efficient dosage given the proprietary blend.

Theanine – It’s a relaxing agent that does sedate. It improves mood and attention while reducing stress. It can also take the edge off of other stimulants, reducing jitters and anxiety, if taken at a dosage larger than 200 mg. We have no idea if an effective dose is contained in this supplement.

Rauwolscine – Its molecule is very similar to Yohimbine, and so are its effects. It provides all the benefits of Yohimbine without any of the side effects if taken by a healthy adult.

It is mostly used for fat loss, to target stubborn fat, and its effective dosage is just 1-2mg.

Calcium Fructopyranose Borate – This is a compound made of boron, calcium and the pyranose form of fructose. Research shows it boosts natural testosterone levels, improves blood lipids as well as has antioxidant properties.

Product Features – The PROs and CONs of Supplement

Gat Nitraflex Pre-Workout Supplement container image

We’ve taken a look at the ingredients and found several flaws. Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this supplement and see what this GAT Pre-Workout has to offer:


  • Massive Pump
  • High Energy and Focus
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients
  • Reliable results
  • Trusted and Respected Manufacturer

Gat Nitraflex definitely delivers what it promises, providing users with phenomenal pump, energy and focus levels.

The quality of its ingredients is indeed among the highest in the supplement industry.


  • Too much caffeine
  • An under-dosed ingredient
  • High chance of potential side effects
  • Extremely Expensive

A significant number of customers have reported feeling nauseous and disoriented when using this product, as well as a slew of other minor side effects. We’re not surprised at all because this product is one big proprietary blend.

It doesn’t disclose the doses of any of its ingredients, which makes it incredibly hard for people to judge their sensitivity to them and know whether they can tolerate them or not.

Additionally, this Gat Nitraflex is exorbitantly expensive for what it is, when compared to similar supplements.

Our Evaluation of Nitraflex Pre-Workout by GAT

We like it, and we don’t at the same time. Don’t get us wrong, our experience with it was good because the effect that it provides is truly massive, reliable and consistent.

We love the effect but hate the fact that it has an enormous potential for many unwanted effects.

The prevalent theme in most Gat Niraflex reviews is that it’s a powerful product, but people often experience side effects.

We sincerely hope that GAT addresses this issue and tries to work something out.

Maybe if they opt for more transparency they would get fewer cases of side-effects, but fewer sales – since those people who know their sensitivity to certain compounds wouldn’t buy this product as a gamble.

We would recommend going instead with a product that’s at least as effective as this one, yet completely transparent and safe to use – like for example Transparent Labs PreSeries BULK Review.

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We tried to make this Gat Nitraflex pre-workout review as comprehensive and in-depth as possible.

The supplement is without a doubt effective and decent, but it’s safe to say that we are slightly disappointed – since it could have been so much more than just decent, due to safety issues.

We do not recommend this product for beginners and casual-gym goers, as well as anyone who’s not sure if they can handle any of the ingredients.

We only recommend it to those who know what they’re getting into and want an insanely effective pump effect despite all the potential risk.

So what have your experiences been with this product? Have you tried or and experienced any discomfort or maybe it didn’t affect you at all, and you loved it?

We’d love to hear your thoughts down in the comments below and discuss this supplement further.

Train Hard and Stay Healthy!