Igniter Extreme by HIT Women Supplement

Hit Igniter Extreme Women Pre-Workout Review

In this Hit Igniter Extreme Pre-Workout Review, we’ll take a look at a sports nutrition supplement made by HIT Supplements.

This product is designed for women only because it’s accommodated to suit the needs of the female body. It’s made to increase performance and help get through an intense training session at maximum efficiency.

This manufacturer has some great products in its line-up, and we’re going to see if this pre-workout supplement for women has what it takes to be at the top.

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Overview of Igniter Extreme by HIT

Igniter Extreme by HIT claims to enhance muscle activation, increase muscular stamina and boost mental focus.

It also promises an intense energy, faster weight loss and that it will amplify your strength and intensity.

We’ll take a good look at the ingredients and see if these claims can hold true to their promises, of if this is all just too good to be true.

Ingredient List Analysis

Igniter Extreme by Hit Supplements Pre-Workout Full Ingredient List

Right off the bat, we have a huge problem with this supplement. Two problems, in fact, because there’s two of them – and they’re called Proprietary Blends.

These blends are never a good idea in absolutely any supplement because they obscure all of the ingredient quantities which makes it almost impossible to know exactly how much of everything you’re getting.

In this day, there’s absolutely no good reason to use such obfuscating practices anymore, and we heavily frown upon any manufacturer that condones such a thing.

So let’s start with something we do know the amounts of – namely Vitamins B

The Vitamin B profile is truly comprehensive and includes mostly everything you need to have a full and effective dose of each of them. That said, the B6 and B12 could have been included at higher doses since they’re burned up the most during intensive exercise.

N.O. Blend/Fuel Blend – 4600 mg

Again we notice a problem here. With everything included, some ingredients are bound to be under-dosed.

For example, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine are what we call Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), and they’re incredibly useful for muscle development, recovery, repair, and function.

However, their effective doses are around 2-8 grams per day, depending on training intensity, and everything below that is barely impactful.

If we take the absolute bare minimum – 2 grams – a dose that’s decent for absolute beginners but nowhere near enough for serious athletes or gym-goers – we’re left with 2600mg for everything else.

Now that’s quite problematic since this blend also includes L-Glutamine, which is an amino acid that tends to be taken at dosages starting at 5 grams or above.

For women, it can be around 25% less, due to the difference in weight and muscle mass, but the remaining 2600mg in the blend is still nowhere near enough to supply an efficient dosage here – and that’s not even counting the rest of the ingredients in the blend.

So it’s sad to say, but something here is definitely going to be under-dosed, and we will never know exactly what, due to the fact that it’s not a transparent supplement.

Same thing with L-Citrulline! To enhance a person’s athletic performance, it is taken at 6-8 grams per day for men, so around 4-6 grams are enough for women. There’s absolutely no way this supplement contains even a fraction of that.

Alpha-hydroxy-isocaproic acid (HICA) is a muscle-building supplement which clinical trials use at 1.5 grams per day, comprised of three times at 500mg.

Another under-dosed ingredient, unless something else was scrapped in its favor.

Agmatine Sulfate has a gold standard dose of around 2700mg for men, where around 1500-2000 is sufficient for women.

We hope you see where this is going and understand our problem with this supplement. We also hope other Hit Pre-workout reviews point it out!

Power/Endurance Blend – 3405 mg

Creatine Monohydrate’s suggested daily dose is at least 5 grams per day for men and around 3.5-4 grams for women. Just this supplement is enough to go over the whole capacity of the blend. Not a good start for Igniter Extreme

Beta-Alanine’s gold standard dose for women is 2.4-4.8 grams per day. So yeah, we’re done analyzing the ingredients as we see no further point.

But before we go over to the facts, we still have to mention Caffeine Anhydrous. It’s a dehydrated and more effective version of regular Caffeine, and its dosage is also obscured.

Why would a manufacturer not let its customers know the amount of Caffeine? What possible reason could there be to hide it?

It could be anything from 100 to 400 mg, which is a hugely important difference, since overly sensitive people may suffer severe consequences if the dose is too big.

If you are tired of proprietary blends, then we suggest this pre-workout powder supplement for women instead:  Catalyst Pre-Workout by Strength.

Pre-Workout Features: PROs and CONs of Product

Hit Igniter Extreme Pre-Workout Supplement Container Front


  • Massive Energy Boost
  • Decent muscle recovery and power.

It does provide a great energy boost, and the muscle recovery effect, as well as power increase, is palpable, but not strong.


  • Jitters
  • Under-Dosed Ingredients
  • Bitter taste

Since many people experience jitters using this HIT pre-workout powder, it means that the caffeine dosage is quite high. We reckon around 125-300 mg since people who take less than 120 mg tend not to notice any jittery effects at all.

This supplement says that if you want an extreme effect, two scoops should be taken. That would potentially provide you with 250-600 mg of caffeine anhydrous – which at anything above 450mg would be downright dangerous for most people.

Our Evaluation of HIT Igniter Supplement

We have some problems with this supplement; that’s why this Igniter Extreme review was so harsh.

We don’t like supplements that don’t have a full ingredient transparency, and we don’t trust manufacturers who feel the need to hide the quantities from their customers and under-dose their primary active ingredients.

So if you’re like us and want a truly powerful, fully transparent pre-workout powder that provides real and reliable results because it uses full, significant and clinically effective doses that matter – check out Transparent Labs PreSeries BULK instead!


There are many better pre-workout supplements for women to choose from, so we can’t really recommend this one to anyone who’s serious about their training and wants powerful results.

We can only recommend this for beginners who don’t want to get too overwhelmed and want to try something that’s not as strong as the competition.

We hope HIT Supplements addresses these two critical issues with their products – proprietary blends and the under-dosed ingredients – and then releases a better version.

If you have any thoughts on this supplement, you’re welcome to share them down in the comment section below as we love a good discussion about any and all sports nutrition supplements.