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How Long Do Pre-Workout Supplements Last? – Answered

The question of how long does pre-workout last in your body is quite a tricky one to answer.

That’s because as with anything, it really depends on each person and their body’s sensitivity to various stimulants and other ingredients contained in these pre-workout supplements.

An individual who is quite tolerant to said stimulants may only feel the effects for an hour or two, while another person who’s very sensitive to them might feel the effects for upwards of 6 hours.

How Long Pre-Workout Powders Last

Now to get straight to the point and answer the question itself.

Most pre-workout supplements last on average from 1.5 to 2.5 hours, in healthy adults who have no particular sensitivities or tolerances to any of the ingredients.

However, several factors can greatly diminish the effects of the product and the time that it lasts.

The Factors include:

Dehydration – Water is the main substance that drives nutrients to all the tissues in your body!

Malnutrition – If you don’t eat enough to keep your strength up – no supplement is going to help you.

Over-Eating – If your body’s already working hard to digest a lot of food that you’ve just eaten, it won’t be able to absorb the supplement efficiently.

Fatigue – If you’re not getting enough sleep or over-working yourself, you’re going to get nowhere, because most of the bodybuilding happens in your sleep – not at the gym!

Tolerance – If you already have too much caffeine or other stimulants in your diet, you won’t be getting the best results.

Alcohol – No. Just no.

Every single person who takes pre-training supplements develops a tolerance to it at some point. The only way to avoid that is to cycle off the supplement periodically so that your body stays receptive to it.

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How to Know that The Supplement is Working

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The effect that people feel from such supplements mostly come from the various stimulants contained in them.

These effects are easiest to gauge because if you feel energized and focused after taking the supplement – it means that you’re still under the effects of the product and it means that it is working.

Another good indication of whether the product is working is the tingling sensation that you get from Beta-Alanine – an ingredient that is prevalent in almost all of training enhancers that you take prior to an exercise session.

In fact, pre-workout supplements are notorious for making you feel a “tingle” sensation while using them. It’s sort of like feeling a soft “pins and needles” kind of sensation on your skin, somewhat akin to slight itching.

Some inexperienced people and those completely new to pre-workouts may even freak out when they start feeling this effect and think that they’re experiencing a side effect!

While nothing can be further from the truth – people should still know that it’s perfectly normal and safe. The burning and itching sensation is scientifically and properly referred to as the “histamine response” and “acute paresthesia”.

It is caused by the nerve endings right underneath the skin being overstimulated by Beta-Alanine and firing at a higher than their usual rate. This effect begins around 15 minutes after ingestion and lasts 30-90 minutes.


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Now you know how long you’re going to feel the effects after taking various pre-workout supplements.

If you haven’t yet picked one that’s right for you, we suggest you take a look at our 10 Best Pre-Workout Supplements article, and if you’re a woman – check out The Top 10 Pre-Workout Supplements for Women list.

Otherwise, if you have any personal experience with various products that you take before training, we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on the subject. Feel free to write them down in the comments below and let’s discuss them!

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