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Musletech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Review

This Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Review is going to take a look at a product that’s very similar to one we recently reviewed and is made by the same manufacturer.

In fact, we can easily call it a “brother supplement” to Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen by Muscletech, which you can read about in its own review at Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen Review.

They are extremely similar products in their purpose – both being fat burner supplements that aim to help people burn fat and lose weight.

However, even though these fat burning pills have a few similar core ingredients – their dosages are different, and the other secondary ingredients are not the same.

So which one of them is better? And is Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Powder a wiser choice or not?

Well, they are both included in our top 10 lists for the best fatburners for both men and women. You can find them at 10 Best Fat Burner Supplements for Men and Top 10 Best Fat Burners for Women and see exactly where they stand in comparison to other fat incinerator products and each other.

That said, we’re going to do a careful analysis of the ingredients in this Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite review and show you exactly what this sports nutrition supplement is all about.

Supplement Overview: What Is Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite?

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite by Muscletech is a weight loss supplement designed for people who want to lose fat.

It is made by one of the most known and trusted manufacturers in the workout supplement industry and promises to provide its users with extreme energy, enhanced focus, a super-thermogenic effect and powerful weight loss.

We’ll take a close look at everything that this product contains and see whether it can deliver on these claims or if it will fall flat on the ground in shame.

That said, fat burners like this ones are great supplements to combine with best mass gainers, if you want to get huge but don’t develop a belly. To top that off, you can easily combine Hydroxycut with best BCAA products, best test boosters, and even best creatine for men supplements.

Women can and should use it alongside the best pre-workout for women products because that will help melt away excess fat and ensure you have a great physique.

In-depth Analysis of Ingredient List:

Hysroxycut hardcore elite ingredients list

First impressions are great – the supplement label is fully transparent; the ingredients are present in doses that are proven to work, nothing is hidden, and the profile is great – yet something seems oddly wrong!

Oh, that’s right – it’s Yohimbe extract! Let’s see what’s the matter with it:

Yohimbe – 56.3 mg – This substance (and its primary active ingredient yohimbine) is a powerful stimulatory agent that increases adrenaline levels and inhibits a regulatory process in fat cells, which suppresses burning of fat.

It is without a doubt highly effective at helping people burn unnecessary fat and is most effective when used while fasted. Several studies showed close to miraculous results as this extract was quick to target and burn stubborn fat in both obese and lean individuals.

It also significantly increases sex drive and is sometimes used to treat erectile dysfunction, among other things.

That said, it all comes at a cost because this substance is widely known and proven to cause a large number of unwanted, uncomfortable and even dangerous side effects in its users.

The side effect rate is so alarming that it’s even included in the Consumer Reports list of Hazardous Ingredients because it’s linked to serious risks.

The potential side effects list in itself is quite staggering:

Potential Side Effects of Yohimbe
  • Dangerous Hypotension AND Hypertension (It dilates blood vessels by relaxing their walls, all while increasing heart rate!)
  • Dizziness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Dangerously Painful Erections that won’t go away!
  • Exacerbation of existing mental conditions
  • Dangerous contraindications with a significant number of various drugs and medicines
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Facial Flushing
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Rash
  • Tremors
  • Sleep Problems
  • Drooling
  • Sinus Pains
  • Irritability
  • Frequent Urination

And that’s the MILD stuff! Here are the real kickers, which can potentially happen when yohimbine is taken at high doses:

  • Irregular and/or Rapid Heartbeat
  • Heart Attacks
  • Seizures
  • Kidney Failure
  • Paralysis

Sounds fun, right?

Well, this substance is safe to take short-term for healthy adults when under the careful supervision of a doctor or a medical professional.

Unsupervised – it is NEVER safe to take if you’re sensitive to the ingredient, especially for people who aren’t healthy or have any sort of pre-existing medical condition.

And last but not least – the normal safe dose to take for fat-burning without any significant implications on heart function is considered to be 0.2 mg/kg of body weight.

It means a 150-pound person (68 kg) will need around 14 mg while a 200-pound (90.7 kg) person should need around 18 mg.

The 56.3 mg dose present in this supplement is definitely not in that range. It is an EFFECTIVE dose – but not a very safe one!

Have we scared you enough yet?

This is our biggest gripe when it comes to this supplement and why we can’t recommend it to absolutely anyone who’s not sure if they can safely take it.

Anyway, for some people, it will have no side effects, but we urge you to take the potential danger of this ingredient into consideration.

Caffeine Anhydrous – 270 mg – The dehydrated and more easily absorbed form of regular Caffeine.

We’re all very familiar with what caffeine does and its effects on metabolism, focus, alertness, etc. – so we’re not going to go into any more depth about this stimulant.

We’ll note that the dose is quite excellent – not too small and not too big!

Green Coffee Extract – 200 mg – The unroasted form of regular coffee beans that’s well-known for several health benefits like improved mood, better cognitive ability, reduction of high blood pressure and many other benefits from antioxidants contained in these beans.

However, the weight-loss benefits of this ingredient aren’t fully conclusive and currently unreliable because they’re strongly under-researched.

Forskolin (Coleus Extract) – 100 mg – This is a naturally-occurring enzyme activator that’s very well-known for its great fat loss effect.

This chemical activates the enzyme Adenylyl Cyclase in the body’s cells which stimulates certain hormones that activate several fat burning mechanisms.

However, the gold standard dose where the most palpable benefits show is around 300-500 mg per day – so the 100 mg that’s present in Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite fat burner is not really enough to show significant results.

It’s a great start, but including more would have been better.

L-Theanine – This amino acid that’s commonly found in green tea is a great nootropic known for its relaxing effect which does not induce any drowsiness. It’s great for relieving stress and regulating the mood.

It’s usually taken alongside Caffeine to reduce the side effects – the jittery feelings, the anxiety, nervousness, and twitches.

The most effective doses tend to be around 100-200 mg, which means that it’s properly dosed in this dietary supplement and will provide significant benefits.

Cocoa Extract (Theobromine) – 100 mg – Theobromine is a stimulant that has similar effects to caffeine, yet is distinctly different. It’s commonly found in cocoa (chocolate) and is lethal for dogs, yet surprisingly beneficial for humans!

While caffeine is a vasoconstrictor – theobromine is a vasodilator, meaning that it widens blood vessels and improves blood flow. Its effects also last significantly longer than caffeine!

Product Features – The PROs and CONs of this Fat Burner

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Fat Burner Supplement

So now that we’ve taken a careful look at the ingredients, let’s check out the rest of the facts:


  • Tested in Two Clinical Studies
  • Good Ingredient Profile
  • Massive Energy Boost and Focus
  • Good Appetite Suppressant
  • Incredibly effective

It is without any doubt one of the most effective products on the market.

A large number of people reported that they felt energized throughout the whole day after taking this product – which is a phenomenal achievement in and of itself.

It is also a great appetite suppressant.


  • Very expensive
  • Jitters
  • High Chance of Side Effects due to Yohimbine
  • Not for beginners

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – this product is potentially very dangerous to some people!

And not only that, but it’s also very expensive!

Our Evaluation of Muscletech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

We have a sort of love-hate relationship with this fat blaster. On the one hand – it’s amazingly effective and will provide you with remarkable fat burning results.

You WILL lose unwanted fat if you take it.

However, we absolutely hate the fact that it includes Yohimbine – a dangerous substance. That’s because the health and safety of us and our readers are of paramount importance to us and one of our main goals as a supplement reviewer.

So if you’re someone who’s sure that you don’t have any sensitivity to Yohimbe and won’t experience any side effects – this product will be definitely worth your time and money – as it will provide astounding results.

But if you’re unsure about Yohimbe and do not want to risk potential severe side effects – we recommend that you steer completely clear of this dietary supplement.

That’s because even though Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite results are great – your health is much more important than a shortcut to a lean physique.

NOTE: If you want to try it out – we recommend that you start out with only half a serving, to test your sensitivity to it and see how well you tolerate it. Afterward, if you don’t notice any discomfort – you can up the dose to a full serving.


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While our carefully supervised experience with this product was great, we urge people to learn about all the facts of Yohimbe before they decide if they want to try this supplement out for themselves.

For those who don’t experience any side effects from it – it’s one of the best things money can buy if you want to burn fat. For those who are sensitive to it – it can potentially end very badly.

And by the way, if you’re new to these sort of supplements in the first place, you might want to learn more about them at What Fat Burners Are and 5 Reasons to Take Them.

So what are your thoughts on the subject of Yohimbe and its inclusion in various supplements? What are your thoughts on this Hardcore Elite supplement by Muscletech?

If you’ve enjoyed this review or found it helpful – we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback down in the comments below.

Train Hard and Stay Safe!