Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen Supplement

Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen Review

This is our Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen review, and we’re going to carefully analyze the ingredients contained in this fat burner supplement that is made by Muscletech.

This manufacturer is one of the most widely known in the industry – it is immensely respected and trusted by hordes of loyal customers, and it definitely has quite a great selection of various sports nutrition supplements – some of which have made it into our various top 10 lists of the best products on the market.

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Incidentally, it also has a “brother product” called MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite – which we have also reviewed and which made it onto our top ten list of the best fat burning pills in the industry.

Overview: What is Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen?

Hydroxycut fat burner by Muscletech is a next generation weight loss and extreme sensory supplement that promises extreme energy and mental focus, scientifically tested weight loss and reliable results.

As always, we’re going to take a careful look at all of the ingredients, see what they do and whether the doses included are actually effective. Then give you our verdict about this Hydroxycut weight loss supplement.

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And now, without further ado – let’s get on with the analysis!

 Full Ingredient List Analysis

Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen Full Ingredients List

At first glance, the label is incredibly helpful and even provides a supplementation plan that shows how many fat burning pills you need to take after a certain number of days.

The full 100% Hydroxycut ingredients list transparency is very commendable, as some supplements try and introduce proprietary blends that do nothing but hurt the customers!

L-Ornithine HCl – 500 mg – This is a non-essential amino acid which controls the disposal of nitrogen from our bodies. Nitrogen is extremely important for muscle development and, more importantly, for general health and well-being.

L-Ornithine also has a role in the production of growth hormone – which means it plays an important role if you want to gain lean muscle and lose body fat.

It also improves the sensory experience and increases focus.

The gold standard dose used for Ornithine supplementation (as hydrochloride HCl) is 2-6 grams per day. After 7 days, the suggested dose of this supplement is two capsules twice daily, which means that you will be getting the necessary 1 gram of this amino acid per day.

This may sound under-dosed, but in actuality, it isn’t, because this is a fat-burning supplement, not a muscle-building one – and the fat loss effect is adequate at around 1 gram per day.

Caffeine Anhydrous – 250 mg – This is the dehydrated form of Caffeine which is more readily and easily absorbed than the regular form.

Caffeine is one of the most well-researched substances in the world, and we all know its stimulating effects that boost metabolism, increase focus, provide a thermogenic effect and so on – so we’re going to skip the description part.

We do have a slight problem with the dose.

Eventually, you’ll be getting 500 mg of Caffeine per day, which in combination with Green Coffee Bean Extract and Green Tea Extract that are present in this product – will be an absolutely massive dose of caffeine.

You will effectively be getting over 600 mg per day – which is enough to drive even the most hardcore stimulant junkies crazy with prolonged use.

So if you’re someone who’s sensitive to stimulants or coffee – this product may completely overwhelm you and possibly cause some severe side effects.

This dose may be great if you want to burn fat, but you need to take caution!

Green Coffee Bean Extract – 200 mg – This unroasted form of regular coffee beans has demonstrated various health benefits in several studies, including reduction of high blood pressure, improved mood, and cognitive performance as well as other benefits from antioxidants contained in green beans.

The benefit that’s most relevant to this review is weight-loss, and the results are there, but unfortunately, they’re not completely reliable.

There were several studies on weight loss from green coffee beans that were done, but the results were inconclusive, inconsistent and the tests poorly conducted.

We understand why Hydroxycut Next Generation may want to include this ingredient, but this benefit is still under-researched and unreliable, so we can’t really recommend this ingredient for the purpose of fat loss until we get some concrete evidence of its efficacy.

Green Tea Extract – 150 mg – This ingredient is well-known for its fat loss and weight management benefits due to its high Catechin content. The main Catechin is EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate), which significantly boosts metabolism and targets stubborn belly fat.

At 300 mg, the dose is adequate, but not perfect, since most studies were done in the 400-500 mg range.

That said, since there’s already a crazy high dose of caffeine – increasing the dose of green tea extract further may be potentially dangerous.

Blue Skullcap Extract – 50 mg – It’s a plant that has seen a lot of usage in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It contains a massive number of beneficial nutrients and is known for its cardiovascular, nootropic and pain relief benefits, as well as the soothing of the symptoms of various nervous disorders.

However, even though it provides a great sensory boost – the weight loss benefits of this substance are still unclear and the scientific data inconclusive.

Preliminary studies do show that it stimulates the reduction of triglycerides and can potentially help with rapid weight loss when combined with a proper diet, but the results were not fully reliable.

The gold standard dose for humans has not yet been fully established, but most clinical trials used around 500 mg per da. Which means that the 100 mg you’d get with Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen would not be as effective.

Red Sage Extract – 50 mg – This is a very heart-healthy herb that’s also extensively used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and historically known to be very beneficial to a person’s circulatory system.

It also improves cognitive function, increases focus and sensory experience as well as provides some other general health benefits.

Other than that – it has no direct fat loss or even weight-management benefits, which means that it was included as a sort of synergistic element or just to improve blood circulation.

The effective dose for various circulatory disorders is around 400-600 grams, depending on a person’s weight, so the 100 mg included in this supplement at the 2 capsules twice daily dose has questionable efficacy.

Ginger – 40 mg – A well-known plant with powerful medicinal properties. It’s mostly famous for being able to treat all sorts of nausea, for its anti-inflammatory effect and the fact that it reduces muscle soreness and pain after intensive exercise.

It’s also great at drastically lowering blood sugar levels and improving brain function.

However, it provides no direct benefits for weight loss – so this is yet another irrelevant-for-fat-loss yet extremely healthy substance that the manufacturer decided to include in their product.


We’re not sure what the manufacturer is thinking, but we do know that these substances MAY reduce the effect of jitters and other unpleasant side effects that are almost sure to follow after such a massive dose of stimulants.

This solution may work for some, but we know for a fact that some users have still been experiencing serious jitters and other anxiety side effects, so including ginger, both blue skullcap and red sage may not be enough to counteract the consequences of such a massive stimulant dose.

Fat Burner Features – The PROs and CONs of It

Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen Supplement container front

Now that we’ve taken a close look at everything that this supplement contains – let’s check out the other facts:


  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Reputable and Respected Manufacturer
  • Massive Energy and Focus Boost
  • Impressive Thermogenic Effect
  • Affordable
  • Backed by clinical studies
  • Great Ingredient Profile

For everything that you’re getting, this product is quite affordable at the current price, when compared to other similar supplements, so that’s a huge plus.

It delivers what it promises and provides and provides an intense energy and focus boost as well as a reliable thermogenic effect which will burn a lot of extra fat when combined with a proper exercise routine and diet.


  • Too many stimulants
  • May cause strong Jitters and other side effects
  • Not for beginners

The biggest downside is the ludicrous amount of caffeine.

We simply can’t recommend this product to beginners and people sensitive to stimulants as they may be completely overwhelmed or even harmed when using such a fat incinerator.

Our Verdict and Evaluation of Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen Fat Burner by Muscletech

Ingredient Safety:86%

Product Efficacy:94%

Value For Money95%

Muscletech Hydroxycut is phenomenal, but it comes with one caveat. The caffeine dose is insanely huge, so you better know what you’re getting yourself into before using this supplement and make sure that you are able to tolerate it!

Other than that – the price, the effect and the results that this product provides are all great.

If it weren’t for the absurd stimulant dose – it would be higher on our top 10 list.

But as it stands now, it has a very high chance of causing massive jitters and other unwanted side effects like insomnia, headaches and digestion issues, so we can’t recommend it fully due to safety concerns.

However, if you’re someone who loves caffeine and can tolerate huge doses – you should definitely go for it and try it out – you’ll be impressed with the incredible results!


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Hydroxycut Hardcore results were great, and our experience with this product was awesome! It’s definitely not for everyone, and some people are going to hate it, while those who want a humongous dose of stimulants are going to love it!

If you care to find out what standards we assign to various fat burning supplements – check out our article: What Fat Burners Are and 5 Reasons to Take Them.

So what do you think about this product? Have you tried it and what were the results?

If you have any thoughts or experiences to share when it comes to Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen by Muscletech that are not in other reviews, or aren’t even in our review – write them down in the comment section below so that we can discuss them!

Stay Fit and Train Hard!