Muscle Pharm Assault Supplement

MusclePharm Assault Pre-Workout Review

There are many Muscle Pharm Assault reviews out there that mock this pre-workout supplement for its notoriously horrific effect on people’s intestines.

We agree with them – but now that’s becoming old news because MusclePharm has recently released a new and much-improved version of their old pre-workout powder.

The formula of 2017 fixes some of its predecessor’s mistakes and makes their new product completely transparent by removing the proprietary blends and clearly labeling all of the ingredients and their respective quantities.

This new and improved product shows great promise and has gotten many good reviews so far, yet it still has a couple of downsides, which we’re going to discuss in great detail.

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Overview: What is Muscle Pharm Assault?

This freshly improved version of Muscle Pharm Assault claims to be an athlete’s pre-workout powder that provides great energy and strength.

We’re going to see if these claims hold any water and do our own full ingredient analysis as well as see exactly what this product has to offer its potential buyers.

MusclePharm makes this supplement powder.

The manufacturer was once pretty respected and had great promise, but recent events like several court battles and dwindling regard for their customers, resulting in notoriously bad customer support service, has marred its reputation.

It still holds on and keeps improving their products, so we’re eager to see what they’ve got in store for us in the future hope they surprise us and the rest of the workout supplement industry.

Ingredient List Analysis

MusclePharm Assault Pre-workout Energy + Strength product container

Let’s start with the most obvious things.

Assault by MusclePharm does away with all of the nitric oxide ingredients and provides almost no pump whatsoever. We say almost zero because it does have Betaine, which does provide a slight pump effect at this quantity.

Another obvious thing you’ll notice is the lack of any focus ingredients, apart from Caffeine which also provides a very mild effect.

Now that we’ve gotten these things out of the way – let’s check out the ingredients:

Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6 & B12. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

All the four vitamins are included in doses that provide real and palpable effects, especially vitamins B6 and B12, which your body utilizes at an extremely high rate during intense physical activity.

Creatine Monohydrate – The main ingredient and focus of this supplement, and the reason it claims to provide its users with strength.

We all know Creatine and its proven effect to improve performance by increasing strength, muscle endurance and energy utilization. There’s zero doubt about its effectiveness. The dosage here is a proper and effective one, backed by countless scientific studies.

Beta-Alanine – This non-essential amino acid is proven to raise muscle carnosine levels, boosting its user’s anaerobic endurance and increasing their aerobic performance while preventing lactic acid accumulation.

Additionally, it helps against fatigue onset, effectively improving athletes’ performance and exercise capacity.

The best results are proven to happen at dosages of 3.2-6.4 grams per day, which means that the 1.75 grams that are included in muscle pharm assault ingredients are slightly under-dosed and less efficient, unless you take two scoops.

Betaine Anhydrous (Trimethylglycine) – This nutrient is important for cell reproduction and improves protein synthesis. It also helps form Methionine, which in turn raises your body’s natural production of Creatine.

Finally, clinical trials prove that taking 2.5 gram daily improves muscle strength by around 25% and muscle power 20%, when compared to a placebo.

Again, 1.5 grams included in this supplement is slightly under-dosed.

L-Glycine – This amino acid improves cognitive brain function, blood flow and regulates blood sugar levels by converting glucose to energy.

Taurine – This amino acid interacts competitively with beta-alanine, which means that using beta-alanine depletes taurine in your body and makes you deficient.

Taurine plays a vital role in many of the body’s processes and is also known to increase the effectiveness of BCAAs in your body.

Caffeine Anhydrous – This is a dehydrated form of caffeine. At 250 mg per serving, this is quite a formidable dose.

That is a real shame, because this supplement would be amazing if taken at two scoops instead of one. But that would mean ingesting 500 mg of caffeine, which is an incredibly large dose that some people will not be able to handle well!

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a non-essential amino acid that’s involved in energy metabolism and mitochondrial protection.

It is widely used as a weight loss catalyst because this non-essential amino acid transfers long-chain fatty acids, such as triglycerides into the mitochondria of your cells, which oxidize those fats to produce energy.

It also improved memory and blood circulation in the brain.

That said, the standard dose for L-carnitine is between 500-2,000mg, which means that at 250 mg it is under-dosed unless taken at two scoops.

This is a recurring problem with this supplement. It’s as if everything is half-dosed, but they don’t want you to take two scoops because of the massive amount of caffeine!

Supplement Features – The PROs and CONs of the Product

MusclePharm Assault Pre-workout Energy + Strength product container

Now that we’ve seen the ingredient – they look perfectly fine, except that a couple of them are slightly under-dosed.


  • Great endurance, strength, energy and power boost!
  • No fillers
  • No artificial dyes
  • Fully Transparent Ingredients
  • Extremely Affordable!

It provides you with a lot of endurance and makes you very focused, which helps you with long and grueling workouts.

Surprisingly, this product has received an enormous amount of positive reviews. But it’s hard to understand why, given its flaws below.


  • Almost non-existent pump
  • No nootropic and focus ingredients.
  • Sub-par taste
  • Terrible customer support
  • Certain ingredients under-dosed

A significant number of customers have complained about not getting good customer support from the manufacturer. Hopefully, this improves in the future until they manage to wreck their reputation completely.

The taste is also nothing to write home about and is considered sub-par, although no longer abysmally horrid!

Our Evaluation of Assault Pre-Workout by Muscle Pharm

The new MusclePharm Assault pre-workout supplement is quite surprisingly great, except for a small caveat. It works marvelously, but in order to get exceedingly satisfying results from it, especially if you’re a serious bodybuilder or a professional athlete – a double scoop is recommended.

However, bear in mind that you will also be getting a double dose of stimulants if you do this, which will effectively increase the caffeine dose to an insanely crazy 500mg! That’s enough to cause massive jitters and other side effects in most people.

It will also become twice as expensive!

So we hope you see our problem here.

As it stands now, this supplement is absolutely perfect for beginners, casual and intermediate level gym-goers and someone who doesn’t expect the best possible results.

Professional bodybuilders should choose something else and not bother taking the muscle pharm assault supplement pre-workout enhancer unless they want a mild product.

Finally, the stomach indigestion issues seem to have been addressed, and users don’t seem to experience them that frequently any longer.

It most likely had something to do with the proprietary blends and the unnecessary ingredients featured in the previous versions of this supplement. Big props for the manufacturer for improving on that!


We’ve certainly been surprised, in a good way. Our experience with Assault pre-workout powder has certainly been pleasant, and it has cleaned up its act, becoming a very decent product to take prior to training.

That said, it can still definitely improve, by raising quantities of certain ingredients adding others into the mix – most notably BCAAs, nitric oxide, nootropics and other beneficial nutrients. We hope to make another muscle pharm assault review in the future, with an even better and more improved product.

So what do you personally think about this sports nutrition additive? Have you had any experience with the previous versions and are you willing to try the newest iteration?

We think it’s finally worth your time, especially if you’re a beginner, but would still love to hear your thoughts on the subject down in the comments below!

Train hard and stay fit!