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Muscletech CreaCore Creatine Review

In this Muscletech Creacore Creatine Review, we’re going to talk about a second Creatine powder product that this manufacturer offers its customers.

We’ve already talked about their main product in our Muscletech Creatine Review, which you can find at MuscleTech Creatine 100% Platinum Review – which is also featured on our top 10 list of The Best Creatine Supplements for Men – and now it’s time to tackle the other one.

The fact is, even though this manufacturer has two Creatine powder products available – they are completely and utterly different from one another – like day and night!

You can check out our top 10 list to find out which places they take, respectively, at Best Creatine Supplements for Men – and compare their differences for yourself.

Other than that, this review is going to focus on the ingredients list and show you what makes this Creatine supplement unique – and why it’s not at all like the other one.

Supplement Overview

Muscletech Creacore Creatine is a super-concentrated formula with a multi-source delivery technology that is designed to help a person build more muscle, boost their strength and power, as well as accelerate the muscle recovery process during high-intensity workouts.

The manufacturer claims that the multi-source Creatine technology is mainly used to deliver a superior dose the two sources of the main ingredient, which, according to them, is far superior to the “micro-dose” formula that their competitors use.

We’ll take a close look at the ingredients and the supplements and see whether this is really the case.

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Ingredient List Analysis

MuscleTech Creacore Creatine Ingredients Label

This supplement contains two main ingredients: Creatine Hydrochloride (HCl) and Creatine Monohydrate.

The Monohydrate form is the purest and most commonly used one, but it has a couple of inherent problems, especially with digestion, absorption, and mixability.

That’s where the Hydrochloride form comes in – to enhance the monohydrate form and help alleviate those problems.

In simple terms, this form is Creatine bound to hydrochloric acid. Research suggests that this combination significantly improves the rate of absorption by the muscles and doesn’t require as big a dose as the Monohydrate variety.

Most supplements that contain just Monohydrate usually provide it at 5 grams per serving dose. The HCl form needs only around 500-1500 mg to be effective.

In addition to that, Hydrochloride form is also much easier on the stomach, which prevents unnecessary bloating and speeds up digestion.

However, there is also an inherent downside – this type of Creatine Powder is extremely expensive, costing several times more than the regular variety that we all know and love.

Which makes any and all supplements that contain HCl type much more expensive than normal.

But with all that said, Creatine Monohydrate is still the go-to form and most research that has been done and published in peer-reviewed journals was specifically done with this type.

There are no peer-reviewed scientific studies done on the HCl type, which doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s ineffective or less effective. It just means that there is no solid proofoft its efficiency.

If you want to learn more about how Creatine works, please refer to our full informational guide at What is Creatine and 6 Main Reasons to Take it.

Other than these two main ingredients, we also have to mention that MuscleTech Creacore Creatine contains too many unnecessary ingredients, like artificial flavors and sweeteners, including Sucralose and Acesulfame-K.

We hate it when a supplement does this, as it could have simply been unflavored, without losing any of the efficiency.

Real men who take care of their health don’t need their supplements to taste like candy or look like rainbows – we want efficiency and results!

Some of these unnecessary ingredients are known to be potentially harmful – so this is a huge downside.

Other than that, the manufacturing process is also exposed to many other allergens, like milk, egg, soy, wheat, peanut, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish.

That’s not great for people with various allergies.

Finally, we don’t really understand what the manufacturer means by “powerful multi-source delivery technology”. We assume it’s just marketing talk, and means that the supplement contains multiple sources of Creatine powder.

That’s neither unique nor innovative, as a lot of supplements contain multiple forms of the same main ingredients.

Product Features: The PROs and CONs

MuscleTech Creacore Creatine Supplement container

So now that we’ve taken a closer look at the ingredients – let’s see what the other facts are:


  • Little To No Bloating
  • Increased Endurance
  • Fewer stomach issues
  • Faster absorption

The biggest plus of CreaCore Muscletech is its extremely fast absorption and fewer stomach issues.


  • Expensive
  • Horrible taste and smell
  • Very bad mix-ability
  • Artificial flavors and ingredients
  • Production exposed to many allergens

According to a large number of people who tried this supplement – the taste was absolutely horrible! People report that it was way too sweet and artificial.

Another huge downside is the exorbitant price! But as we already said – that’s always going to be the case with the Hydrochloride form, as its production process is expensive.

Our Evaluation of MuscleTech Creacore Creatine

The product is pretty good, despite all the downsides.

Our experience with it was good, but we hated the taste. If you absolutely want your supplement to contain Creatine Hydrochloride – we can easily recommend this option, and you will be pleased.

However, we will still stick to the pure Monohydrate variety, due to the price and the fact that it’s completely reliable. Additionally, the simple products often don’t contain unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients – which is always a great thing!

So if you’re like us and want a safe, effective and healthy choice – we suggest you look into our number one spot on the top 10 list instead – and check out Transparent Labs Creatine HMB Review.

It’s arguably the superior choice, unless you absolutely, without question need to have Creatine HCl, due to various digestion and absorption issues.


Other than that, here are some more lists chat you can peruse:


We’re not going to lie – it could have been much better.

If this supplement contained no unnecessary fillers, additives, and potentially harmful elements – we would be recommending it much more readily, and it would have taken a higher spot on our top 10 list.

As it stands now, this product is pretty decent, but not great, because of its many downsides.

We always strive to suggest products that are absolutely safe and completely healthy – so you should instead look to supplements like Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Powder, because Creacore Creatine still needs some work done on it, for it to be an amazing choice.

So what do you personally think about the whole ingredient safety thing? Is it as important to you as it is to us and would you still try the product in this Muscletech Creatine Review?

Would you choose a flavored supplement over an unflavored one?

We’d love to meet you in the comment section below and discuss this!

Stay clean and stay strong!