Muscletech Platinum 100% Creatine Supplement

MuscleTech Creatine 100% Platinum Review

Most of the other MuscleTech Creatine reviews that we’ve come across have one thing in common – they all agree that this manufacturer is one of the biggest in the business.

We have already reviewed many other products by them, and they all have one thing in common – quality and reliable results. We’re going to carefully look at the MuscleTech Creatine product and see if it is no exception.

This manufacturer has been in business since 1995 and has earned a rock-solid reputation of producing reliable and effective supplements that people can depend on.

This company has their own research division and lab – so they do all of their products’ development and research studies on their own. MuscleTech is widely known in the supplement industry for their superior dedication to research and the cutting-edge, science-based products that they produce.

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And now let’s get on with the review itself!

Supplement Overview: What Is MuscleTech Platinum 100% Creatine?

MuscleTech Creatine Platinum 100% is an ultra-pure and micronized Creatine powder designed to increase a person’s strength and help build lean muscle mass.

The manufacturer claims that this product will help to provide your muscles with the world’s highest quality and most clinically researched form of micronized Creatine – which in clinical trials has been shown to improve the strength and endurance of a person, while also increasing their gains in lean muscle.

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So let’s look at the ingredient list and see if this is true.

Full Analysis of Ingredient List

Muscletech 100% Platinum Creatine Ingredients

Well, this is probably the shortest ingredient list we have ever come across.

This Creatine supplement only contains one single ingredient – 5 grams of pure Creatine Monohydrate – and nothing else!

There is nothing much that we can say about it, other than the fact that we have already made a couple of in-depth articles which explain in great detail everything you need to know about Creatine.

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Other than that, we can also bring attention to the awesome fact that there have been a couple of clinical trials done on the exact same product that is featured in this review:

According to MuscleTech website, here are the results of the first trial:

“In one clinical study, subjects using the dose of Creatine found in one max serving of Platinum 100% Creatine gained an amazing 6 lbs. of muscle in just 6 weeks.” REFERENCE: Peeters et al. 1999. J. Strength and Cond. Res. 13(1):3-9.

And another trial:

“And in a separate study, test subjects increased their bench press strength by an amazing 18.6% in just 10 days!” REFERENCE: Selsby et al 2004. J. Strength and Cond. Res. 18(2): 311-315.

So at least we know that the product works – and does so with flying colors!

Product Features: The PROs and CONs

MuscleTech Creatine 100% Platinum Container

So now that we’ve seen the incredibly short ingredient list of Muscletech Creatine Monohydrate – let’s look at the other interesting points:


  • Reputable and Trusted Manufacturer
  • No Fillers or Additives
  • Unflavored
  • Scientifically tested and proven to work
  • Micronized to Stay Suspended in Solution Longer
  • Affordable

As you can see, there are quite a few great pros to Muscletech Creatine.

The fact that it offers everything listed here, at a very affordable price, when compared to the other products by competitors – is enough to make it a safe recommendation for anyone who wants to use such a sports nutrition supplement product.


  • Mix-ability

Well, you can’t have it all – and despite all the great things that we can say about this supplement, it does have an apparent flaw:

A significant number of consumers who have bought and tested this supplement have reported the unfortunate fact that the product wasn’t as fine-grained as they had hoped, which made it slightly harder to mix with water than similar supplements by other manufacturers.

Other than that, Muscletech Creatine side effects and other cons are non-existent, because Creatine is in itself one of the safest supplements to use when done properly and at correct doses.

Our Evaluation of MuscleTech Creatine Platinum:

Ingredient Safety:99%

Product Efficacy:95%

Value For Money86%

We’re not going to lie – it’s absolutely amazing! Straightforward and reliable are the two words that instantly come to mind when we think of a way to describe this product – which in fact is exactly the things that you need from such a supplement.

It does exactly what it promises – provides reliable results of increased strength and improved lean muscle growth – and all at a very affordable price, when compared with the competition.

The minor downside of less-than-optimal mixability can be completely overlooked since it does not impact the effectiveness of the supplement in any significant way whatsoever.

We can wholeheartedly and fully recommend this product to anyone – professional athletes, serious bodybuilders and even casual or intermediate-level gym-goers who just want to increase their performance in the gym and boost their workouts to the next level!

However, even though this product is one of the absolute best representations of a simple and reliable supplement that works – there are still some better products out there on the market.

This is evident by the fact that there are a couple of other products on our top 10 list for the best Creatine supplements, which sit above the MuscleTech Creatine Powder.

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So is Muscletech Creatine Good? That is an absolute yes!

Our experience with this product was exactly what we’d hoped – perfect. There is nothing complex here – it just contains one ingredient and it works as intended.

There are of course similar supplements that contain the exact same ingredient – Creatine monohydrate. But the fact that this one is supplied by one of the biggest, one of the most trusted and respected manufacturers in the industry, in addition to the fact that several studies were done on this exact same product – is enough for it to stand above most of the rest and become a reliable top choice!

So what do you personally think about this manufacturer and their product, Muscletech Creatine 100% Platinum? Have you tried it and did you enjoy the results?

Maybe you were one of the people who experienced difficulty in mixing it?

We’d love to hear your feedback in our comment section below this article – where we can start a discussion with you!

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