Myprotein Impact Whey Protein Supplement container

MyProtein Impact Whey Powder Review

In this Impact Whey Protein review, we’ll talk about a very accessible protein powder made by MyProtein – a manufacturer that’s been operating since 2004 and has since then gained an enormous worldwide following.

It is among the most popular manufacturers in the world when it comes to sports nutrition supplements, and Impact Whey Protein is just one product among the 45+ that are available.

MyProtein started in the UK and since then has become one of, if not the most favorite source of sports nutrition supplements in Europe.

We’re here to take a look at their protein powder supplement called Impact Whey Protein and see how it compares to other similar products made by other top manufacturers in the business.

Incidentally, we already feature MyProtein Impact Whey in our top 10 list of the best protein supplements for men, which you can find at Best Protein Powder Supplements for Men, where you can see for yourself which place it takes among the rest of the best.

So let’s get on with the review itself!

Supplement Overview: What Is Impact Whey Protein?

MyProtein Whey is an un-denatured Whey Concentrate Protein Powder supplement that is a rapidly digesting source of protein, which supports muscle growth and improves recovery time.

You can use it alongside products like best mass gainers, the best testosterone boosters, the best BCAA products, and also the best creatine for men supplements for even bigger and better gains.

It is also instantized to improve mixing and absorption.

Denatured vs. Un-Denatured Whey

The fact that it’s un-denatured is a great selling point, as only the best manufacturers use proper and safe production techniques that don’t ruin or denature their Whey protein powder in the process.

While denatured protein is not necessarily as bad as you may think – and people pretty much eat denatured proteins on an almost daily basis, by the sheer fact of cooking their foods – things are a bit different for various other sources of this macronutrient.

Denatured protein, aka whey hydrolyzed protein, happens when you hydrolyze a protein, permanently changing its structure and breaking the peptide bonds that are present in the macronutrient.

Despite those changes, denatured protein still contains all of the amino acids that are normally found in Whey and is still nutritious – it’s just that it’s in a more broken down state before it enters your body, as opposed to being broken down by your stomach’s digestive acids.

This can sometimes cause digestive issues and makes whey protein not as beneficial as it otherwise is.

So while not all denatured protein is bad for you, sources like Whey lose their biological function when denatured. That is why Whey has to remain un-denatured during the manufacturing process, to retain its full bioavailability!

If you want to learn more about Whey, read our informational article about it at What is Whey Protein Powder and 5 Primary Reasons to Take it.

Ingredient List Analysis

MyProtein Impact Whey Protein Ingredients Label

The Ingredient Label is pretty basic. In fact, the whole supplement is incredibly basic, which is not a bad thing.

The main ingredient in MyProtein Impact Whey is Whey Protein Concentrate and nothing else.

Whey Concentrate is the form that retains the most nutrients that are naturally found in whey and has extremely low levels of fat and cholesterol.

It tends to be 29-89% of protein-by-weight, depending on the manufacturer, but usually sits around 70-89% when made by top manufacturers.

Unsurprisingly, Impact Whey Protein MyProtein has zero cholesterol, only 2 grams of fat and 1 gram of sugars, and its sodium content is extremely low.

Its protein by weight ratio sits at a neat 80%, being 20 grams out of a 25-gram scoop, and it contains both natural and artificial flavorings as well as Soy Lecithin and Sucralose.

We do have a problem with Sucralose, as various research studies have found it to cause a variety of harmful biological effects in the body. These effects include:

  • Altering insulin responses and blood sugar levels
  • Reducing good gut bacteria
  • Releases potentially toxic compounds called chloroproanols when breaking down in the stomach
  • And several other harmful effects

So as you can see, it’s not a great sugar substitute, because it can cause adverse side effects, and we don’t like it when protein shakes and other sports supplements use it.

Using regular sugar or even a natural sweetener like Stevia, which incidentally also has a few downsides – is still a much better option than Sucralose.

But this is just nit-picking, as the vast majority of sports nutrition supplements sadly utilize Sucralose to improve their taste and remove sugars from their products – and impact whey protein in this review is no exception.

Impact Whey Protein by MyProtein Features: The PROs and CONs

MyProtein Impact Whey Protein Powder Supplement container

So now that we’ve taken a look at what the ingredient label has to offer – let’s check out all the other facts of this macronutrient supplement:


  • Trusted and Respected Manufacturer
  • Low Calories
  • Cholesterol-Free
  • Very Low Sodium
  • Easy on the Stomach
  • Very Affordable
  • Simple yet effective
  • Un-denatured Whey

As you can see, there are quite a lot of upsides to this supplement, which is great – as it is indeed a good product that provides what it promises and at a very affordable price.


  • Contains no Isolate for fast absorption – not versatile
  • Sub-Par Taste

There are a couple of downsides to MyProtein Impact Whey, with the most notable being a lack of versatility.

Since it only contains Whey Protein Concentrate and nothing else, no Isolate, no Hydrolysate and no other sources of protein like Micellar Casein or Egg White Albumen – it becomes a little bit limited in its utility.

For example, it’s ideal for taking throughout the day, but not very recommended for taking directly before and during exercise, as it has no fast-digesting and fast-acting protein sources that give near-instant benefits during a strenuous training session.

So athletes and bodybuilders who want an intra-workout protein supplement will be left out.

The second downside is the sub-par taste.

While it comes with an unflavored option, which is by far the best in our opinion – there are over 5 more flavors, all of which taste very artificial and just too sweet, according to a substantial number of users who have tried them and left remarks.

Product Evaluation: Our Verdict for Impact Whey Protein Powder

We think that Impact Protein is great. It is a very simple product and does what it is supposed to do.

Our experience with the Impact Protein shake was as good as can be expected and we can safely recommend it to anyone who wants an affordable and proper macronutrient supplement product that is guaranteed to provide concrete results.

That said, it can still be improved by adding versatility to it, by getting a better source of whey, for example, a grass-fed source, which you can read about in another whey supplement review at Catalyst Grass Fed Whey Protein Review.

Or if you’d like a complete blend of whey, you can check out Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey.

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Protein powder supplement made by MyProtein is perfect in its simplicity.

It’s not complicated, it’s not flashy, but it does the job – and that’s what you should ultimately expect from a sports nutrition supplement product and their manufacturer.

We can safely recommend it to anyone – beginners, advanced gym-goers and even professional bodybuilders and athletes.

Just keep in mind that there are still better options available on the market – products like Transparent Labs Grass Fed Whey Protein.

So what do you personally think about the manufacturer and their Impact Whey Powder product in this MyProtein review? It is one of the most popular products in Europe – and that their next goal is to expand to the US, but how do people from the United States feel about this protein powder?

If you have any thoughts or comments, post them in the comment section below and let’s start a conversation!

Eat Healthily and Stay Strong!