NLA For Her Uplift Pre-Workout

NLA for Her Uplift Pre-Workout Review

In this NLA For Her UPLIFT Pre-Workout review, we’ll take a look at a sports nutrition supplement made specifically for women, created by quite a popular manufacturer.

We’ll go over the ingredients and see if it’s a good buy for women who want an effective pre-workout powder for women that provides reliable and legitimate results.

There are many NLA For Her Uplift reviews on the internet that praise it without actually analyzing the ingredient list – so we’re here to fix that!

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Overview of NLA For Her Uplift Pre-Workout Supplement

NLA For Her Uplift claims to provide women with clean and sustainable energy, intensive focus, fast twitch muscle fiber activation and improved overall athletic performance.

We’ll look into these claims and see if they hold any ground and that the product actually delivers what it promises.

Ingredient List Analysis

NLA For Her Uplift Pre-Workout Supplement Full Ingredient List and Facts

Right off the bat, we see a huge problem with this list – it’s all one big proprietary blend.

That’s never a good thing, because it obscures the quantities of every single ingredient, making it impossible to know exactly what you’re getting.

It makes the supplement more dangerous by default, as users can’t judge their sensitivity to any of the ingredients, for example, Caffeine. Are you getting 100 mg or 350 mg? For people sensitive to it, that can be an extremely serious difference.

Another huge problem is the small scoop size.

Excluding the vitamins, there are 23 different active ingredients totaling just 5250 mg total. There is no way in the world that they’re all contained at effective doses.

For example, Beta-Alanine alone has a gold-standard dose of 3.2 – 6.4 grams per day for men, and around 2.4 – 4.8 grams per day for women – which if taken at the lowest possible 2.4 grams’ dose leaves just 2850 mg for the rest.

Do you see where we’re going with this? There’s no way this supplement offers full and effective doses of every ingredient that it contains.

L-Isoleucine, L-Leucine, and L-Valine are all Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), and their effective doses range from 2-8 grams per day, depending on training intensity and goals. Anything less than 2 grams is just ineffective.

Again, there’s no way that full doses are included here, so this makes the supplement sub-par and inefficient for serious athletes and gym-goers.

L-Carnitine, Glycine, L-Arginine, and L-Lysine have minimal effective doses at 500 mg each.

There’s no more room in the total for those amounts – and that’s not counting the remaining 15 ingredients.

However, we do concede that some of the ingredients contained in NLA For Her Uplift only require very small doses – in micrograms or several milligrams – and are provided at fully effective doses. As an example, several nootropics are fully dosed!

But the main ingredients are clearly under-dosed – which is a huge shame.

There’s no more point in discussing the rest of the ingredients since this proprietary blend is already busted.

If you’re like us and tired of proprietary blends that obscure ingredients, you may want to check this pre-workout supplement instead, like Catalyst Pre-Workout by Strength which is fully transparent so that you know exactly what you’re getting.

Product Features: The PROs and CONs of NLA For Her Uplift

NLA For Her Uplift Pre-Workout Supplement Container Front

Now that we’ve quickly analyzed the ingredients, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this pre-workout supplement for women:


  • Good Energy Boost
  • Great Focus
  • No jitters

We’ll give it that – this supplement does provide a decent energy boost and improves focus and mental acuity.

The energy is clean and without any jitters or other uncomfortable effects.


  • Some filler content
  • Taste is too overwhelming
  • Contains Acesulfame-K and Sucralose
  • Weak Overall Effect
  • Under-dosed ingredients

The biggest downsides, as discussed in the ingredient analysis section are the proprietary blend and the under-dosed ingredients.

This pretty much says everything you need to know about the efficacy of a supplement.

Many users also reported that the taste was too overwhelming in its strength and sweetness or tartness, depending on the flavor.

Our Evaluation of This Pre-Workout Supplement

We are extremely disappointed with this supplement and can’t recommend it for serious athletes or gym-goers who want an effective and honest supplement that provides real results.

We can recommend it for beginners, however, and those who want a weaker dose to ease into the supplement world. The energy and focus are great, but you’re not getting much of anything else that provides legitimate results, like endurance, strength, lean muscle mass and fat loss.

If you want a truly effective supplement that gets you real, palpable and proven results, is fully 100% transparent and offers ingredients at huge, clinically-tested doses that actually matter – check out Transparent Labs PreSeries BULK Review instead – if you value your money.


Opt for something else, even the Athena Intense supplement is much better and more effective than this pre-workout powder for women.

This one’s a bitter disappointment, especially because the manufacturer does have some very decent other products.

The only redeeming thing is the energy and focus, so beginners may want to try it out if they don’t want to be overwhelmed by much stronger supplements.

So what have your experiences been with NLA For Her Uplift? Have you tried it or are currently considering trying it out? We’d love to hear your input or feedback about this sports nutrition powder down in the comments below!

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