Thermakor by Kor Nutrition Fat Burner Supplement

Thermakor by Kor Nutrition Review

Our Thermakor by Kor Nutrition Review is going to be a little bit different because the supplement has changed!

The ingredient label used to be nothing but proprietary blends; completely obscured and hard to understand. But now there’s a new and improved version that’s being offered to customers, with a few extra ingredients and quantities that are fully disclosed and can be seen on the manufacturer’s official website!

There are many Thermakor Reviews on the internet that bash this fat burner supplement because of its inefficiency and proprietary blends.

We tend to agree with them because it was entirely warranted since the blend made it hard to judge the product’s value and efficacy. That’s because you had no idea exactly how much of each ingredient was included.

Now the ingredient quantities are disclosed on the manufacturer’s website. So this review is going to fully focus on them and try to collect as much information out of them as possible.

That’s because we want to know how effective this improved fat burning product by Kor Nutrition really is and see whether it can stand up to all the new hype.

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This should already tell you a little bit in advance how we feel about this product and act as a sort of spoiler.

Overview: What is Thermakor by Kor Nutrition?

Thermakor by Kor is a thermogenic fat burner that’s made for people who want to lose weight.

This thermogenic pills product claims to dramatically accelerate the body’s fat-burning process, while also inhibiting the formation of fat. It also claims to suppress appetite, spike the body’s metabolic rate while replenishing the body’s energy levels and also boosting overall stamina and endurance.

Quite a lot of claims, and it would be incredibly amazing if this product were to deliver them as promised.

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So let’s take a look at the ingredients and see if it does!

Analysis of Ingredient List

The old version of Thermakor by Kor Ingredient list

This picture is the old blend. The ingredients are all different now, and are not hidden anymore!

However, the biggest problem of the old dietary supplement wasn’t the obfuscation – it was the small dose of just below 700 mg.

It could never be enough if you included all of the listed ingredients at their most effective doses – which means that some were definitely under-dosed and inefficient!

But now that’s changed, so let’s look at the new and improved ingredients and see what’s the deal:

Green Tea Extract – 300 mg – This is one of the main acting ingredients in this supplement, and it’s known to contain powerful anti-oxidants called Catechins, with the most important one of all being EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate).

EGCG substantially increases the body’s metabolic rate, targets adipose tissue (for example stubborn belly fat) and has a wealth of other amazing health benefits that are not really relevant to weight-loss – like heart health, improved cognitive function, cancer prevention, etc.

Most clinical trials that tested for weight-loss used doses of 400-500 mg, but combined withal the other ingredients that are present in this supplement – 300 mg is more than enough.

Garcinia Cambogia – 100 mg – Otherwise known as Malabar Tamarind, a fruit native to southern Asia and Oceana that contains the active ingredient Hydroxycitric acid, which in several clinical trials has shown some potential for weight loss.

However, we have a problem with this ingredient, because even though some isolated scientific studies did not some weight loss and suppression of appetite – the results were inconsistent and unreliable!

And to top it all off, all clinical trials were done with doses of 500 mg, up to three times per day – so this ingredient is unfortunately pretty useless at its current dose and not proven to be very effective at all.

A fad ingredient that’s under-researched and unreliable for fat loss.

RAZBERI-K – 200 mg – Also known as Raspberry Ketones – this is yet another fad ingredient!

There is not a single scientific study or clinical trial that has been done on humans and raspberry ketones – NONE!

There were some studies done on rats and in vitro (in a test tube), but with incredibly large doses – far greater than the 200-mg included here. They’ve shown some positive results – but that is no reason to think that they’ll work the same way on humans because the same sufficient concentrations cannot be replicated in the human body through oral supplementation.

This substance has absolutely no scientific backing or any evidence that it works – so why would you want to include it in a supplement at all, if there are no proven results?

Green Coffee Bean Extract – 300 mg – Another great ingredient and stimulant, just like Green Tea Extract. We all know the effects of caffeine, but this green bean extract also helps balance blood sugar levels and reduce sugar cravings throughout the day.

The dose is large, effective and definitely proven to work on healthy adults and provide reliable results.

Forslean – 50 mg – It’s the active ingredient from the plant Coleus Forskohlii, which is well-known for its legitimate weight loss and muscle building benefits. It elevates cyclic AMP in your cells, which improves metabolism, and in turn, increases fat-burning.

The generally recommended dose for fat loss is from 50 mg to 250 mg, which means that it’s included here at the bare minimum. However, since this substance is highly synergistic with Hordenine, Synephrine, and Caffeine – which adds an even stronger effect – 50 mg is enough for real results.

Hordenine – 25 mg – This nootropic compound is known to induce and then increase lipolysis, which is your body’s natural ability to break down fats. It also improves cognitive function as well as overall athletic performance, because it provides a massive burst of energy, focus, and motivation.

The gold standard dose is 25 – 75 mg – which again means that this sports nutrition product has chosen the least effective dosage.

Caffeine Anhydrous – 150 mg – This is the dehydrated and arguably better version of regular caffeine.

It’s one of the most well-researched substances on the planet, and we all know what this stimulant does to your bodies.

150 Mg may seem quite high, but it’s nothing extreme and easily suitable for any healthy adult.

Salicin – 125 mg –  It’s the historical origin of Aspirin and is chemically related to it. It’s an analgesic, and this substance is included to act in synergy with the next and last ingredient called Synephrine – as it enhances and significantly amplifies its effectiveness.

Synephrine – 50 mg – It’s a stimulant that’s very close to ephedrine in form and effectiveness, but without all the downsides! It increases basal metabolic rate, suppresses appetite, improves lipolysis and sparks fat mobilization for later use as fuel for energy.

It’s also highly synergistic with Salicin, Caffeine, and Forslean!

So we can see that a couple of ingredients are completely useless and under-researched.

That said, the other ingredients are contained at fantastic doses that will definitely provide real and palpable results.

Plus, they all work great in synergy together, so the effect will easily be more compounded and pronounced!

Fat Burner Features – The PROs and CONs of This Supplement

Thermakor By Kor Nutrition Fat Burner Supplement Container

Now that we’ve taken a look at Kor Nutrition Thermakor ingredients, let’s look at the main facts of this thermogenic fat burner – the cons and pros:


  • Fantastic Ingredient Profile
  • Massive Thermogenic Effect
  • Respected and Trusted Manufacturer
  • Helps Suppress Appetite
  • Affordable
  • All-Natural
  • Huge Energy Boost

It delivers exactly what it promises – Insane thermogenic effect, massive energy boost and a strong suppression of appetite.

It’s also affordable, and the ingredients are all natural.


  • Not Suitable for Beginners
  • Some fad ingredients
  • Can Cause Heavy Jitters

As the effect is quite strong and the caffeine content is huge – it may be overwhelming for beginners or someone who’s sensitive to stimulants.

The two fad ingredients are also not great, as they aren’t science-based and may not provide results of any significance.

Our Verdict and Evaluation of Thermakor Thermogenic Fat Burner

Ingredient Safety:88%

Product Efficacy:98%

Value For Money98%

It’s a fantastic product that includes great full doses of ingredients that are proven to work, except for the 2 fag ingredients.

But given Thermakor thermogenic supplement’s incredible performance and the results that it provides – we can forgive this minor transgression.

So even though they included a couple of bogus ingredients and fell for the fad hype train – our experience with this sports nutrition dietary additive was great!

We can easily recommend it for serious gym-goers – beginners should take great care, as they may be overwhelmed by the massive dose of stimulants.


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It’s great, but with a couple of flaws.

However, the impressive results of Thermakor pills speak for themselves so the flaws can be overlooked.

And by the way, if you’re not sure what standards all fat burner supplements should follow – you’re welcome to check out our article about What Fat Burners Are and 5 Reasons to Take Them.

So have you had the pleasure of trying out this new version of Thermakor far burner supplement for yourself? Were you as impressed with it as we were, or maybe even disappointed?

If you have any thoughts about this product, you’re welcome to share them down in the comment section below so that we can start a discussion!

Train Hard and Stay Healthy!