Transparent Labs Pre-Series BULK pre-workout Supplement

Transparent Labs PreSeries BULK Review

The Transparent Labs Pre-Workout product is hailed as an absolute game-changer in the pre-workout supplement industry.

The manufacturer is relatively new, but it has quickly garnered the respect and admiration of the vast majority of sports nutrition aficionados and regular users and is considered to be like a rare unicorn in the business because of what it offers and its full transparency.

Most industry experts agree that it’s a manufacturer that’s finally doing things right by focusing on effective doses and no obfuscation!

In our Transparent Labs PreSeries Bulk review, we’re going to explain exactly why we also found this supplement to be one of the absolute best if your goals are to efficiently increase your performance in the gym and get palpable muscle building results much faster.

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Overview: What is Transparent Labs PreSeries Bulk Pre-Workout?

Transparent Labs PreSeries BULK Pre-Workout Supplement is designed for serious athletes and bodybuilders who want to gain size, as well as increase and develop their muscle mass.

That is why it contains all the necessary ingredients to do just that, which are all backed by published scientific research and are included in clinically-effective and high doses that matter, along with a potent Testosterone Support Complex that promotes the increase of natural testosterone production by your body.

The main focus of all the products from Transparent Labs is, just as the manufacturer’s name suggests, to be completely 100% transparent when it comes to their ingredient label.

Nothing is hidden behind proprietary blends, and everything is provided in huge doses that generate proven exceptional results.

It’s no wonder why many Transparent Labs pre-workout reviews have nothing but great things to say!

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Ladies should look into combining it with the best fat burner for women products if they want to get lean and fit very quickly.

Full Ingredient List Analysis

Ingredients of Transparent Labs PreSeries Bulk supplement

The testosterone complex is as follows: Vitamin D3, Zinc, and Boron.

All these 3 ingredients greatly promote the natural testosterone production in your body and play a vital role in muscle development.

The biggest omission that people notice is, of course, Creatine, but there is a very good reason for that. Research shows that large doses of caffeine ingested while using creatine negate the ergogenic effects of creatine.

Now let’s go over each of the ingredients and see what they do.

The scoop size is a whopping 21.63 grams, which show that this product is indeed no-nonsense and contains no fake concentrates as well as doesn’t skimp on any of the ingredients.

Here are the ingredients:

Expand To See The Ingredients Analyzed

Citrulline Malate 2:1 – Improves muscle strength and endurance, as well as your aerobic performance.

It also enhances the utilization of BCAAs by your body and is considered to be the best pump enhancer, bar none! At 6 grams, It’s the gold standard dose for best results.

Beta-Alanine – It delays the onset of neuromuscular fatigue and promotes the formation of healthy proteins.

It also leads to better gains of strength and power as well as promotes fat loss.

BCAAs 2:1:1 – These increase strength and muscle mass, as well as help with recovery and repair of your muscles.

BetaPure™ Betaine Anhydrous – It reduces muscle fatigue and increases levels of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor-1), all while decreasing cortisol hormone levels in bodybuilding men.

Taurine – It is an essential amino acid that competitively interacts with beta-alanine (which means that taking beta-alanine without taurine makes you taurine-deficient) and also increases the effectiveness of BCAAs.

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine – This substance reduces the effects of stress and increases mental focus as well as endurance.

Choline Bitartrate – It increases your sports performance in many different ways.

L-Theanine – It increases attention, memory and reaction times in people.

As well, it reduces the effects of caffeine jitters and even reduces general stress levels and causes relaxation in your body without affecting your energy levels.

Caffeine Anhydrous – We all know what this does, don’t we? It’s caffeine!

Mucuna Pruriens (98% L-Dopa) – It reduces stress by decreasing cortisol, all while promoting healthy testosterone levels in deficient men, and increasing the levels of growth hormone.

L-Norvaline – Increases the effects of Nitric Oxide thus providing a much bigger muscle pump.

Synephrine – It’s a stimulant that increases your body’s energy levels, athletic activity, motivation, and cognitive function while also raising the resting metabolic rate.

Hordenine – It works alongside Synephrine to increase metabolism and energy.

BioPerine – This black pepper extract significantly increases the absorption of other ingredients.

And the last three ingredients, namely Boron, Zinc and Vitamin D3 all have their various benefits, but most importantly they increase your body’s natural testosterone levels.


So there’s no question that this supplement is absolutely PACKED with wonderful ingredients that have all been scientifically proven to provide you with phenomenal benefits.

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The product’s also completely safe and is also allowed for consumption by professional athletes who undergo regular drug-tests because all of the ingredients are legal and safe.

And to top it all off, this product contains no colored dyes, harmful ingredients or unnecessary fillers.

It’s no wonder why taking Transparent Labs PreSeries Bulk is great if you want solid results at no cost to your health.

Supplement Features – The PROs and CONs of Taking Transparent Labs PreSeries Bulk

Overview photo of Transparent Labs Pre-Workout

Now that we’ve talked about all of the ingredients, it’s time to dive into the advantages and disadvantages of taking this product.


  • Phenomenal Value for Money – Affordable!
  • Consistently Excellent Results
  • Suitable for both Professionals as well as Beginners
  • Full, clinically effective doses
  • Great Ingredient Profile
  • Testosterone Support Complex
  • Effects Start Fast
  • No jitters
  • High Energy Boost
  • No fillers or concentrates, no artificial dyes or other harmful additives

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As you can see, there are quite many pros when it comes to this supplement.

Even though it’s of premium quality and has all of these great ingredients at full doses, it still manages to keep the cost affordable. The value for money is incredible, even when compared to much worse products!

It’s made for professional athletes, but can easily be used for beginners and casual gym-goers who want to get big and take their performance to the next level. It’s not too overwhelming.

The jitters get counteracted by the inclusion of L-Theanine!

The energy boost that you get from consuming the product is massive! It’s clean and steady energy that lasts a couple of hours – just enough for an intensive training session!

The fact that it contains no concentrates, fillers and any other unnecessary or harmful ingredients is the ultimate cherry on top.


  • The Taste

Unfortunately, the taste is very sour and somewhat bitter.

That’s due to the fact that both BCAAs and Citrulline are notorious for their distinct bitter and sour tastes, and it’s very hard to mask them without adding a bunch of unnecessary and unhealthy ingredients.

However, we’re not 12 years old anymore and don’t need our products to taste like candy and be colored in neon blue and green lights to be able to consume them.

If you’re someone who puts ultimate importance on taste, then this product may not be for you.

Finally, there are no known side effects of Transparent Labs PreSeries Bulk because it contains ingredients that are proven to be safe for healthy adults.

The only side effects manifest themselves in people who are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients, or if the person ignores the recommended dosage and takes too much!

Our Final Verdict and Evaluation of the Supplement

Ingredient Safety:99%

Product Efficacy:100%

Value For Money:99%


Our experience with this product has been amazing and we think that this product is definitely and utterly worth it!

Again, the value for money is incredible – you get all of these benefits – and none of the health hazards.

We like Transparent Labs as a manufacturer, just like the vast majority of respected authority figures in the supplement industry.

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That’s because this manufacturer has proven time and time again their dedication to safety, transparency and providing real and reliable results.


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It’s honestly one of the finest products that we have reviewed, and we can recommend it to anyone without hesitation or reservation. Try it out yourself and see why people praise it so much!

We sincerely haven’t found and tried a better pre-workout supplement than this one, so far!

So what do you personally think of PreSeries Bulk made by Transparent Labs and their other products? Have you had any experience with them and would like to share it?

Please write your thoughts down in the comments below and let’s discuss them!