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What Fat Burners Are and 5 Reasons to Take Them

We’re here to talk about fat burner supplements – so if you have any questions like “What are fat burners?” and “What do fat burners do?” – we’ll gladly answer them.

More importantly – we’re here to show you whether there are any compelling and good reasons to take them, or if you should generally avoid such supplements. We also take a look and see if there are any side effects associated with these products since not every fat burner pill and capsule is created equal!

What are Fat Burner Supplements?

To put it very simply – Fat Burners are a type of dietary supplements that contain a blend of ingredients which help you lose fat.

The many different ingredients contained in fat burning pills have various effects on your physiology and trigger various chemical reactions that help you lose weight both directly and indirectly.

What Fat Burner Pills Do

They increase your metabolism, body heat generation, inhibit or activate certain enzymes, suppress your hunger and even give you an anabolic boost – all of which combined make you lose fat.

The 5 Reasons To Take Fat Burner Supplements

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So should you take a fat burner supplement?

Here are the main reasons why we think that you should:

1 – Thermogenesis

It means the production of heat in your body.

Ingredients like Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, and Synephrine increase your body’s ability to produce heat, which in turn makes you sweat more and burn off extra calories from fat.

The effect in itself isn’t particularly strong, but burning off extra 50-200 calories per day, depending on which fat burner you take, adds up to quite a lot during the month. Losing 200 extra calories each day adds up to around 2 pounds (1 kilo) of fat per month.

2 – Metabolic Effect

This is how fast your body can process calories and turn them into energy and utilize them in other ways to sustain its proper function.

The primary goal of many fat burner supplements is to increase your body’s metabolic rate so that you naturally burn more calories throughout your day.

Ingredients like Zinc, Catechins found in Green Tea, Caffeine and Selenium increase your body’s natural metabolism.

3 – Hunger Suppression

This effect helps you stay full for much longer and not crave food as much as you normally do.

The logic here is simple: the less hungry you are throughout the day – the less you are going to eat and the fewer calories you are going to consume.

One of the main reasons people don’t reach their weight-loss goals is hunger. It can be unbearable at times and often people just give up and give into it, eating more than they should.

Suppressing hunger can be a god-send for many people! Ingredients like L-Carnitine, Caffeine, Cayenne Pepper Extract and Green Tea are all effective appetite suppressants.

Incidentally, there are several fat burner foods that increase your metabolic rate, suppress your hunger and provide other great benefits, which you can read about at 17 Powerful Fat Burning Foods That Will Improve Your Body.

4 – Increase Energy

Many common ingredients contained in Fat Burners for Men and Fat Burners for Women are also know to provide you with extra energy and focus.

For example, L-Carnitine is a common ingredient which drives fat into the energy-making centers of your cells called mitochondria, where it is burned and converted into energy that you can use during exercise!

This, in turn, can even help you get over a plateau and increase your performance in the gym!

Another such ingredient is Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), which inhibits the fat storing enzyme called Lipoprotein Lipase (LPL) – preventing fat storage and encouraging the burning of fat for energy.

Yet another such ingredient is Forskolin. It’s the active compound in a certain herb called Coleus Forskohlii, which sets off various chemical reactions in your body that allow it to break down fat that’s stored in fat cells and be used for fuel.

5 – Boost Natural Testosterone Levels

Just like with the increase of energy, many ingredients contained in fat burner supplements also increase free testosterone levels in your body.

There is a significant correlation between testosterone levels and obesity. Ingredients such as Zinc, Ginseng, and Forskolin all increase your body’s testosterone levels.

Ginseng is particularly potent as it stimulates the hypothalamus – a part of the brain that produces sex hormones.

All of this helps you burn body fat and even build and maintain lean muscle mass in the process. And women don’t need to worry about an increase in testosterone as their body chemistry is different and they won’t suddenly turn into mountains of muscle.

For a more comprehensive guide on testosterone, check out our Testosterone Guide: The Benefits and Side Effects.

There are a few more benefits, but these are among the most important ones.

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 Safety Facts

Now that you found out the reasons to take fat burners, you should also know that our biggest concerns when it comes to any sports nutrition supplement are the safety and health of our readers.

That’s why we also want to educate as many people as possible about all of the potential side effects, safety facts and other issues and effects that various sports nutrition supplements can have.

So for a comprehensive list of all of the possible negative effects, you should also read our Fat Burners Guide: Facts, Benefits and Side Effects.


So do fat burners really work? Here’s another article that tells you the science behind them and answers that question: Do Fat Burners Really Work? Studies and Ingredient Analysis.

Other than that, we’ve shown 5 great reasons why this type of supplement should definitely be considered as a part of your training diet. The effects speak for themselves and provide great benefits that will help people reach their weight-loss goals significantly faster.

However, you should know that no dietary pill is a magic one – and fat loss supplements are no exception! By themselves, they will do almost nothing for you – you have to combine them with an effective training regimen and a healthy diet plan to reap the massive benefits.

If you think that you can just pop a pill and eat pizzas and cakes all day long – you are completely mistaken, and these types of supplements are not for you. They are for people who want to speed up their results.

So what do you personally think about fat burners? Have you had any experiences with them that you’d like to share down in the comment section below? Feel free to do so, and we hope to see you there!

Train Hard and Stay Safe!