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What is a Pre-Workout Supplement and 4 Reasons to Take It

“So what is a pre-workout supplement, anyway?”

That’s the most common question we hear from new, inexperienced or casual gym-goers who are looking for a way to increase their performance in the gym and get better and faster results.

“Funny you should ask” – we answer, and then proceed to explain in depth and great detail why we think that pre-workout supplements are one of the most important sports nutrition products that people should utilize if they want to develop a great-looking and fit body.

And the best thing is – they’re excellent for both women and men!

What is a Pre-Workout Supplement?

A Fit Man holding a pre-workout shake in the gym

It is a powder that you mix with water, milk or juice and drink before you start to exercise or do any other sort of intensive physical activity.

By sheer definition, the meaning of pre-workout is that it’s something that you take prior to a workout session.

It is mostly a mix of different supplements in one; with ingredients ranging from various amino acids, stimulants, herbs, and chemicals to pure protein and just plain fast-acting carbs. Some pre-workout powders even contain more than 30 different ingredients!

All of these ingredients are designed to be taken simultaneously with each other because they synergize well and provide you with compounded benefits that they would not necessarily provide on their own.

For example, one of the most common ingredients in a pre-workout drink is Citrulline Malate, which significantly increases the utilization of BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) by your body.

Another example would be Glutamine and Creatine. They are often taken together because they complement each other in various ways.

To find out what is in pre-workout supplements and see a complete list of ingredients, please refer to our Pre-Workout Supplements Guide: Facts, Benefits, and Side Effects article.

What Does It Do:

Pre-workout supplements provide you with more endurance and increase your physical performance!

That’s all they do, and that is quite enough because increasing your performance in the gym or outside of it is the most common thing that virtually every athlete or bodybuilder craves!

You want to lift that extra set – you want to sprint that extra lap – you want to squat with those extra 10 pounds? Well, a proper pre-workout will let you do that!

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And women can look into using one alongside with the best fat burners for women supplements.

The 4 Compelling Reasons to Take a Pre-Workout

A scoop of protein, bcaa and creatine next to some fish oil capsules and supplement tablets

1. It increases your strength, power and develops your muscles.

The various ingredients contained in the supplement do many wonders for your muscles. The vast majority of pre-workouts include either isolated BCAAs or protein that inherently contained these Branched-Chain Amino Acids.

If you’re someone who’s unfamiliar with these building blocks of protein – they help to significantly improve your muscles by aiding in their repair and recovery after a workout, thus making them grow stronger and more powerful.

2. It increases your body’s natural Fat Burning capacity.

Almost every pre-training enhancer contains one or two different stimulants or ingredients that improve your metabolism.

And this increase in metabolic rate is not the only thing that helps you shed fat because even ingredients such as BCAA and Creatine provide an indirect fat-loss effect because they help you burn more calories while in the gym.

3. improves your Endurance and Focus as well as increases your Energy levels.

Due to the design of these sports nutrition products and the combination of ingredients, especially stimulants like Green Tea Extract, Caffeine and Synephrine, in conjunction with various herbs like Rhodiola Rosea (which is an adaptogen like Ginseng, that regulates hormones and energy levels in your body) – you get a jolt of sustained energy and a laser-like focus when working out in the gym.

4. Provides you with Convenience and Cost-Effectiveness.

Imagine if you had to put all of these different ingredients and substances together one by one or mix your own sports drink from many various supplements. That would certainly take a while, would cost a fortune, and you wouldn’t even know what the best combination of quantities for maximum effect and efficiency needs to be.

That’s exactly where pre-workout supplements come in. They spare you all the fuss and provide an all-in-one solution.

So, after learning about all of these amazing benefits, if you’re now wondering: “What is a good pre-workout?” – we’ve got you covered!

Check out The Best Pre Workout Supplements for Men and also another one made specifically for women, right here: 10 Best Pre-Workout Supplements for Women.

We pick the pre-training enhancers in these top 10 lists by taking into account their effectiveness, the safety and quality of their ingredients – the best possible combinations and quantities of said ingredients – and of course the taste and the price of the product.


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So should you take a pre-workout or shouldn’t you? Well, we’re definitely going to say that you should if you want to develop a robust and good-looking physique faster and more efficiently.

That said, you can still craft a god-like body without taking this or any other product, just with the help of a proper, healthy and balanced diet, but it will certainly take you a little longer and will not be as easy.

We firmly believe in getting a little extra help from science-based supplements that in numerous clinical trials have been proven to work and deemed safe to use by healthy adults. Using science to benefit yourself is admirable and encouraged!

Finally, we have to mention that a substantial number of people are allergic or otherwise too sensitive to stimulants, so these products may not be the best choice of supplements for them.

However, there are many excellent stimulant-free alternatives, if you still have your mind set on trying such a supplement out.

For the complete list of potential side-effects and safety facts, please take a look at the 7 Potential Side Effects of Pre-Workout Supplements.

So what do you personally think about pre-exercise sports nutrition additives? Have you had any experience with them or know anyone who does? Were those experiences good or bad? We’d like to hear your thoughts down in the comments below and discuss them!

Stay active and train hard!