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What Is Testosterone Booster and 5 Great Reasons to Take It

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a naturally occurring steroid hormone that is produced in the testes of men and the ovaries of women.

And what does testosterone do?

This type of androgen regulates a person’s sexual health, red blood cell production, muscle size and strength, bone mass, fat distribution, and many other vital processes and functions in the body.

In short, for males, it is what makes boys men, and is a critical part of developing and maintaining a fully functional and healthy body.

After the age of 25-30, its levels start to steadily decline, by roughly 10% with each passing decade, making people deficient in it, the more they age.

But you pwrobably know all this already and are here to find out about testosterone boosters and why you should take them – not about the hormone itself.

However, if you already know all that and are instead interested in learning which the best products on the market currently are, please refer to our 10 Best Test Booster Supplements top.

It’s one of the best supplements if you want to increase your athletic ability, get bigger and stronger muscles, improve your libido and shred unwanted body fat!

Let’s get into all the details below!

What Is a Testosterone Booster?

A Natural Testosterone Booster supplement is a product that contains various herbal and plant extracts, minerals and vitamins that have a certain effect on your body.

These products contain no testosterone hormone by themselves – they only contain ingredients that naturally affect the production of it in your body and help regulate and maintain it at proper levels.

They are completely safe to use for healthy adults at appropriate doses, because the ingredients that the products usually contain – the minerals, herbal extracts, and vitamins – have all been extensively researched and tested, with compelling and potent results.

So is testosterone booster a steroid? Not at all! They contain absolutely no hormones or steroids!

What Does It Do?

A Natural Testosterone Boosting Supplement does one or all of these three things:

  • It frees up the existing hormone that is bound and inactive.
  • It increases your body’s natural production of the androgen.
  • It decreases estrogen production which uses testosterone to produce it.

Products contain a variety of different ingredients that do one of these three things, and some manufacturers choose to include all of the effects, while others focus on specific ones.

But the result is always the same – your body increases its natural capability to produce this steroid and distribute it efficiently in the body – with amazing results!

If you want to learn more about what a testosterone booster is used for, read our full and in-depth guide about test booster supplements at Testosterone Boster Supplements Guide: Benefits and Side Effects.

Now let’s get on with the main reasons why you may want to consider using one!

The 5 Reasons You Should Consider a Test Booster

There are many health benefits to various testosterone supplements – and here are the main ones:

1. Gain Muscle Mass and Strength!

A Fit Male working out in the gym shirtless

This is by far the most important and sought-after benefit of using testosterone booster pills – and the main reason why you should consider taking them.

If you have a scrawny physique and think that the levels of this hormone in your body are too low – you can get yourself tested and then start using these supplements to increase both your muscle size and strength significantly.

Just take care not to overwork yourself, because even though your muscles will grow in mass and become stronger – this supplement does not strengthen the various tendons and ligaments that hold them together.

Which means that your body may become more prone to injuries until it gets used to the added muscle mass, if you aren’t careful!

But there is currently no stronger supplement that will increase your athletic ability and performance in the gym!

2. Lose Unwanted Body Fat!

a Fit Athlete working out to burn fat in gym

The second reason to use this amazing supplement has to do with one of the most important goals when exercising – shedding unnecessary and unwanted fat!

This hormone plays a highly important role in regulating insulin, glucose, and fat metabolism in the body.

As the levels of this hormone naturally decrease with age, you start to pack on more fat than is necessary, especially around the waist.

What’s worse, when your body becomes more obese, it negatively affects its natural capability to produce this hormone, which results in a wicked downward spiral!

The fatter you get, the less testosterone you produce as a result, which makes you get even more fat!

3 – Increase Your Libido and Improve Your Sexual Health!

a Fit Couple laying in the bed in a romantic position

Another great reason to take this supplement is to improve your sexual health!

If you have noticed things such as a lack of sexual interest, loss of ability to maintain an erection, low sperm count, and low sex drive – you may be testosterone deficient.

These symptoms of testosterone deficiency are brought on by old age or hypogonadism.

As a result, they can severely and negatively impact your sex life and sexual health – and are one of the main reasons to take a testosterone boosting supplement!

4 – Improve Your Mood and General Disposition!

A fit man staying relaxed and thinking

What more are testosterone pills used for, other than affecting your physique?

The answer? Much more!

They also affect your mental and emotional health, as well as mood and disposition.

Not only is this hormone important in fighting against depression, but it also helps against anxiety and regulates your mood.

People with normal and high levels of testosterone are known to be more competitive, better at taking risks, have increased dominance and desire for power.

As well, they are more successful with women in general.

5 – Improve Cognitive Ability

The last main reason is to take testosterone supplements is to increase your brain function and improve cognitive ability, such as boosting memory and sharpening the mind.

Research has found that testosterone plays an important role in preventing brain tissue decay in senior men, and also in preventing Alzheimer’s Disease!


As you can see, there are a few incredibly good reasons to take this type of supplement. There are many other minor reasons, but these main 5 ones are more than enough to make this supplement worth it!

And since this is a fitness article – the reasons we like the most and the ones that are the most pertinent to our readers are the muscle mass and strength increase, along with the fat loss effect!

That said, you should also consider the safety facts and the side effects when learning about a supplement and deciding if it is right for you!

In that case, you can go and read our explanation about the potential side effects here, at 5 Possible Testosterone Booster Side Effects: Is It Safe?.

The only big takeaway from that article is that it is entirely safe for healthy adults with no pre-existing medical or mental conditions when used correctly, cycled and not over-consumed! Otherwise, it may look like a horror story to some!

That said, not everyone even needs a testosterone booster! Men under 25 usually have more than enough of it coursing through their bodies – and don’t need to supplement it at all, unless they suffer from something that reduces its natural production!

Even some older men aren’t deficient, and shouldn’t take it!

The best way to find out and to know if you actually need to use a test boosting supplement is to go to your local physician and get yourself checked and tested!

Otherwise, if you notice things like low sex drive, lethargy, impaired ability and mood swings – you may be deficient and may want to buy a natural testosterone booster.

Just remember that a supplement is not a magic pill that will instantly make you stronger, better and greater! These things are only to be used if necessary because prolonged use can still negatively affect your health!


We hope that we have adequately explained what testosterone boosters are and that you are now much better informed because of it, and ready to pick out the right product for yourself!

If you are still not convinced about the efficacy and want to learn more, please refer to our article about the benefits, at Do Testosterone Boosters Work? – Their 5 Best Benefits.

In essence, what a testosterone booster is – is a tool! A tool that should be used with care, and only when necessary! But boy is it one incredibly powerful tool, when correctly used and when needed!

So what do you personally think about what testosterone is and when you should take it?

Have you ever had a deficiency and any experience with the natural supplementation of this androgen? We’ll meet you in the comments below where we can discuss this further!

Stay Safe and Train Hard!